It’s the start of a new year, so there have been a lot of anticipated films lists going around lately (I did one my self) and a film no one, my self included, Colin Trevorrowhas been talking about is Colin Trevorrow’s new film The Book of Henry. Most people heard the name Colin Trevorrow when he destroyed the box office with Jurassic World last year, but I first heard of him when his fantastic little 2012 film Safety Not Guaranteed dropped and became one of my favourite films of that year. Now after the big studio film, Trevorrow is going back to a smaller film that sounds brilliant.

So what is The Book of Henry? Well first of all it has a great cast consisting of: Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit Trilogy), Naomi Watts (King Kong, Mulholand Drive), Jacob Tremblay (Room), Sarah Silverman (I Smile Back,Wreck-It Ralph) and Dean Norris (Breaking Bad). So the film is about a precocious little boy (Jacob Tremblay), being raised by his single mother (Naomi Watts) and serving as a surrogate father to his younger brother, he develops feelings for the girl next door and, to protect her from ongoing harm at the hands of her father, plots a murder that he writes out in a book. Henry’s mother discovers the book and joins the plot.

Naomi Watts is great in everything she does and I can’t wait to see the mother and son relationship she’s going to have in this film (especially after The Impossible). I’m assuming that Lee Pace is going to be playing the abusive father, so it’s going to be really great to see him go to a dark place in this. Sarah Silverman (although I didn’t like the film) showed she had some real good acting chops in ‘I Smile Back’, since seeing that I’ve really been looking forward to what she’s doing next. Jacob Tremblay, I thought was the breakout star of last year but as he plays the younger brother I’m not to sure how big of a role he’s going to have, but I know he’s going to kill it. And Dean Norris is one of the best character actors and its always great when he pops up in anything.

Colin Trevorrow seems to be following in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan and Joss Whedon, by making a smaller, more personal film and then doing the big studio blockbuster. He first did Safety Not Guaranteed and then Jurassic World, he’s next doing The Book of Henry and then Star War: Episode 8. It seems to be working for Nolan and Whedon and I think it’s going to work for Trevorrow, I can’t wait to see him really dig in deep to this film and hopefully create another fantastic gem. I think this could be one of this years best films and I definitely should have included it on my anticipated list earlier this week.

Tell me in the comments what you think about The Book of Henry and are you as excited for this film as I am.