After the latest Batman V Superman trailer spoiled the whole film, I was cautious
about even watching this Suicide Squad trailer, but I did and WOW!

First of all. if you are worried about spoilers I don’t think this trailer shows too much. I’ve only watched it once and I’m not going to pause it frame by frame, to analyse and speculate every detail, like I did when the The Force Awakens trailers came out.

So the first thing that stood out for me was, “Did Jai Courtney actually look like he might be good in this film?” Seriously, there’s a scene where hes screaming at a camargot-robbie-suicide-squadmera in his prison cell and he’s showing emotion. Killer Croc looks awesome (still can’t believe Killer Croc is in a film this year!), Cara Delevingne as Enchantress looks really cool and Will Smith, is Will Smith in a Deadshot costume but still looks good. But by far the best part of this trailer was Harley Quinn and The Joker.

I had been worried in the past about Jared Leto’s Joker but with the two Suicide Squad trailers that have been released, they have completely won me over. “I can’t wait to show you my toys” that line immediately made me think of Jack Nicholson’
s line in Batman,”Where does he get those wonderful toys?”. Not sure if that was a homage to Nicholson but either way was really cool. Joker reminded me of Whitey Bulger from Black Mass, if we’re getting a psychopath mob boss Joker then I can’t wait. When it was first announced that Joker was going to be in Suicide Squad, I thought he was going to be the villain, like in the Assault on Arkham animated film but that doesn’t seem to be the direction they’re going in (more on that later).

Margot Robbie was my favorite casting choice for Suicide Squad and shes not disappointing at all. I think she’s going to so much fun watching her crazy antics. Shes probably going to be the loose cannon that the squad can’t control and by the end will just run of with The Joker, who knows what weird shit her and Joker are up to in the scene when Joker dives into what kinda looks like acid?

I’m going to try not to watch anymore trailers for Suicide Squad because unlike Batman V Superman, there’s still a big villain to be revealed. There are several shots in this trailer of a city destroyed and things blown up, I don’t think The Joker did all that, wouldn’t be surprised tho, if who ever did all that destruction is working for Joker. I know if they do show who it is in the next trailer, I’ll most likely see who it is without even watching the trailer anyway, so chances are I’ll be watching and complaining.

So an emoting Jai Courtney, a killing croc, an Enchantress, a Will Smith, a mob boss clown and a schizophrenic clownette, wrapped up in a kick-ass Queen soundtrack bow. Let me know in the comments if you like the Suicide Squad trailer and are you going to try to avoid anymore.