Star Wars Rebels is back after what feels like ages. Rebels is my favorite show airing right now and I can’t wait to review it each week. I’m going to be discussing the episode in detail so there will be spoilers for this episode.

The first episode back starts of with the debut of Princess Leia on the show! Princess Leia has been sent to Lothal with three ships for the Rebellion, but the Imperial presence on Lothal means Leia and the Crew of the Ghost, have to work together to steal the ships. Julie Dolan played Princess Leia and I think she did a really great job. The way Leia was portrayed in this episode was perfect, they captured the attitude I imagined Leia would have had at 15 years old. She was witty, snarky and one step ahead of everyone else.

leiar rebels

I really enjoyed the interaction with Ezra and Leia throughout the episode. Ezra trying to impress the Princess and Leia was not interested. The group chemistry is always charming and this episode it was no different. It was really fun watching Leia join the team of Rebels to help the rebellion, she fit in with the crew and I hope shes going to make more appearances on the show. Ryder Azadi (Clancy Brown) was back in this episode and I don’t trust him. I think he had a part in the capture and “killing” of Ezra’s parents and may betray the Rebels further down the line. Zeb is hilarious as usual, I liked the scene in particular when he knocks out Ezra and Kanan.

There were a few things  I didn’t like about this episode. I thought Kanan destroyed the AT-AT too easily. The AT-ATs in the past in Rebels and the films, have been the most imposing vehicles on the ground. Kanan taking down one with just his lightsaber was too easy and diminish the fear of AT-ATs. Also thought that the Imperials on Lothal should have been slightly more wiser. They were very oblivious to the Rebels plan and never started  to connect the dots with Leia’s involvement. In a way tho that benefits the show when the Inquisitors or Darth Vader shows up and they’re not so easily fooled.

Overall I enjoyed this episode, I thought it was a great way to introduce Leia into Rebels and was a solid first episode back. Let me know in the comments what you thought about this weeks episode of Star Wars Rebels.