EW confirmed that Lauren Cohan is playing Martha Wayne, mother of Bruce Wayne, in a cameo role in the upcoming Zack Snyder film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Martha Wayne is an iconic character, from an iconic scene in the Batman mythos, and she will be portrayed by The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan. The role is only a cameo, so the origin story of Batman probably won’t feature heavily into the film. Jeffery Dean Morgan has also been cast as Thomas Wayne, again probably only in a small role.


Lauren Cohan’s portrayal of Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, has been a performance I’ve enjoyed since the debut of her character, so that being said it’s a shame she’s only going to play Martha Wayne briefly. They could bring her back in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film but I think it would be a mistake to tell a drawn out version of the Batman Origin story again. We’ve seen the story on film, everyone knows it but a small scene in Batman V Superman, I don’t think will do any harm. Although the film is pretty stacked with lots of other characters as long as they spread out the screen time appropriately, I think we’ll be fine.

When the news broke that Cohan had a cameo role, I was hoping she would be playing someone like Barbara Gordon or even Selina Kyle, so they could bring her back for a bigger role in later films. I’m happy for Lauren Cohan, she’s a great actress and I hope she can breakaway from The Walking Dead, when her time on the show is over and maybe this will be her first step to greater opportunity’s.