The Rebels travel to the Mandalorian controlled Concord Dawn, on a diplomatic mission to allow the Rebels safe passage through the system to Lothal. The mission doesn’t go as planned and Kanan and Sabine head down to the system alone to secure the passage.

This Sabine/Mandalorian episode for me didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had. The episode was good but I felt it had some weak points and certain areas were rushed. The episode starts out with an awesome dog fight between the Rebels and 3 Mandalorian fighters. The fight looks amazing and once again Rebels proves it’s not afraid to get pretty dark for a Disney XD show. 2 pilots are killed in this episode in brutal fashion, the ships explode and the two pilots blow up with them. Hera and Sabine escape but Hera only just makes it out alive, for just a moment, I thought Hera could actually be killed. The scene did a really good job of getting me wrapped up in the moment and believing in the tension.


Kanan and the new Mandalorian character Fenn Rau, have a really interesting conversation about a battle Kanan and his master, Depa Billaba fought in, he recalls Rau saving Kanan and Depa from the Separatist army. I love details like this, that add to the Star Wars mythos and created more backstory for characters. This also sets up an interesting relationship between Kanan and Rau, that I can’t wait to develop in future episodes.

Sabine is one of my favourite characters on Rebels and I really like Mandalorians in general. So I was really excited for this episode but I was disappointed by all the Mandalorian aspects. When Sabine is surrounded she reveals she’s a member of the Wren Clan, part of House Vizsla. I hope they explore this plot point more in the future because here, Sabine just kind of shouted it out and it felt rushed and unexplained. The Mandalorians on Concord Dawn felt very underwhelming, they could have just been Stormtroopers from any other episode if they weren’t wearing Mandalorian armor. None of them stood out as individual characters or had anything interesting to offer. I know they’re probably just setting up Concord Dawn and we’ll be revisiting it later but from this episode I have no desire to see this place again.


I did enjoy this week’s episode I just found some aspects to be a bit meh. I don’t think anything was handled horribly but just could have been better. Let me know your thoughts on the episode and how you thought the Mandalorians were handled. I love Star Wars Rebels and can’t wait to talk about it next week.