Batman: Bad Blood is the sequel to Jay Oliva’s Batman vs. Robin, which was a sequel to Son of Batman. Jay Oliva returns for Batman: Bad Blood and didn’t do a good job with this one. Jason O’Mara also returns as Batman as well as many others including Yvonne Strahovski, Stuart Allen, Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin.

The story is an original concept but doesn’t feel very new. When Batman goes missing Nightwing, Robin and Batwoman cover for him, whilst trying to discover his whereabouts. A new menacing villain ‘The Heretic’ appears and causes physical problems for the team.

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Batman: Bad Blood felt a lot like The Dark Knight Rise. It followed a lot of the same story beats as Christopher Nolan’s final Dark Knight film and the new characters introduced are very similar too. Batwoman is a new character in Bad Blood, who argues with Batman about using guns and vigilante ethics (Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises), the new villain Heretic is a carbon copy of Bane. There are some more similarity but I don’t want to get to much into spoilers.

I’m really starting to buy into Jason O’Mara as the new voice of Batman (that being said I’m happy Kevin Conroy is returning for The Killing Joke). He’s played the caped crusader several times now, with big shoe to fill I think he does a good job. The rest of the voice cast is very good, no complaints in that department. There are many fight scenes in this film and I enjoyed them all. Like every DC Animated film, the animation is perfect, so these fight scenes work great and are always full of excitement. Batman has a plethora of amazing villains and in Batman: Bad Blood they didn’t go for the big ones. I really liked the fact they gave some of the B villains like Firefly, The Mad Hatter, Electrocutioner and Killer Moth some time to shine.

The story of Batman: Bad Blood was where the film really let itself down. Not only did it fail to come up with original ideas but It didn’t do anything new with the returning characters and the new ones. Damian Wayne, who I really like should have a lot of emotional development in this film but he comes into the story and then is just kind of there. Batwoman and Batwing are introduced in this film and I didn’t like either of them. I’ve always liked Batgirl more than Batwoman and would have rathered her be in this role. Batwing was fine I guess but kinda felt forced and shoved into the film. There is one really great scene with Robin and Nightwing, where Nightwing says he’s been trying to get out of Batman’s shadow and now he’s forced to be Batman. This was a great scene and an interesting idea, if the whole film was about Nightwing being forced to be Batman, we would have had a new, fresh animated film. The thing I hated most about this film was the big villain reveal. Not only was it made obvious by the scene when The Heretic doesn’t kill Robin but it felt out of character for the person it is revealed to be. Again this plot point was very similar to The Dark Knight Rises and for me didn’t work at all.


I didn’t like this film and probably will never watch it again, unlike the two before it which I have watched more than once and actually do enjoy. Batman vs. Robin I thought was very good and Son of Batman was good but had some problems. Batman: Bad Blood has a good voice cast, fun action but has nothing to offer with story and character and for me personally I could get over poor casting and bad action, if a film has a strong story and interesting characters.