I live in the UK so I rarely watch any American Football but every year when the Super Bowl comes around, I get excited for the film trailers that drop. On Sunday when the trailers are shown, I will blog about the ones that I watch but today I’m going to talk about the trailers that I want to see and what ones I think will premier this Sunday.

A new Batman V Superman trailer is mostly likely to drop and this close to the films release, I’m not really that interested in seeing a new trailer. I’m defiantly going to see the film on opening night and I’ve already seen enough from the other trailers. An Independence Day 2 trailer will probably drop as well but I didn’t care about the first film and I don’t care about the sequel. I might watch this trailer but I doubt I’ll talk about.

Bat Bowl

I’m super excited about the new Bourne film coming out this year and I’m hoping we get the first trailer this Sunday. I’m a massive fan of the franchise and I can’t wait to see Matt Damon come back to his most iconic role. I think it’s quite likely we will see a trailer and I know I’m going to get really excited if we see Bourne and the newcomers Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones. Captain America: Civil War isn’t that far away now so I’m anticipating a new trailer. I would like to go into this film knowing as little as possible but that first trailer was so good and I’d be lying if I said, “as soon as I see that trailer I’m not going to click on it.”

We haven’t seen a Ghostbusters trailer yet and it would make sense to play one at the Super Bowl, so lots of people (who may not even know there’s a new one coming out) can see it. I like the first two Ghostbuster films but I never was a huge fan so I didn’t get angry or upset, when it was announced they were making a new one. But when they announced the cast and Paul Feig directed, I was all in. Whether it was a Ghostbusters film or not, I’d watch anything with these people involved. So if a Ghostbusters trailer drops I’ll be talking about it.

The big trailer that I’m really hoping we get to see, is Rouge One. I’m a massive Star Wars fan and even if we get 30 seconds of Rouge  One I’ll be happy. The trailers and the anticipation for the trailers of The Force Awakens, was almost a good as the film itself. The problem is tho, with the Force Awakens, Disney told us when they were going to drop the trailers, to create that excitement. So I don’t know if they will surprise us at the Super Bowl, with a trailer but I really hope they do.

Some other surprise trailers could be Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and maybe an Assassins Creed teaser. I think it’s also likely we’ll see a trailer for Star Trek Beyond, The BFG, X-Men Apocalypse, TMNT 2 and Jungle book.

I almost forgot that a Deadpool trailer is confirmed so we’ll defiantly get some more Deadpool greatness. The Deadpool marketing has been amazing and this new trailer will probably steal the night. DEADPOOL BOWL

So that’s all the trailer I’m excited to see. What trailers are you looking forward too and have I missed any you think will make an appearance? Let me know in the comments and look out for my trailer reviews on Sunday.