This week we got a long overdue Zeb centic episode. After Ezra receives a tip from Hondo, The Rebels go to rescue two Lasat. Zeb must accepted his role as the kid, warrior and fool to lead his fellow Lasat to their new world.

Zeb has been the least fleshed out character on the crew, pretty much since the beginning of the show. He’s been the comic relief for a long time now but this episode we got a really great Zeb story. I loved the opening to this episode. Something Rebels does so well, is the opening action scenes. Last week we had a space battle and this week the crew had to shoot their way out when they rescued the Lasat from The Empire. The hallway shootout had a original trilogy feel to it and Hondo flip flopping onto The Rebels side and then The Empires, was really funny and true to the character.


The two new Lasat, Gron and Chava, were fun characters and I really liked the character design of Chava. I didn’t watch the trailer for season 2, so I don’t know if we saw any Lasat in that trailer but I had no idea there were still any left and it was a nice surprise to see them. They tell us that Zeb was once a Captain. It makes sense because he was always a great fighter and it adds even more emotional depth to the fight with Zeb and Kallus, back in season 1.

The Lasat have their own way of kinda using the force, Zeb uses his bo-rife, that connects with Chava staff, to guide to ship to the new world for Lasat, Lirasan. This scene was really cool and there was a nice moment, when Kanan and Ezra helped Zeb use the force. The score in this scene was fantastic, it had a Firefly feel to it and made the scene much more powerful and emotional. They get to Lirasan and for a moment, I thought Zeb was going to stay on the planet with the rest of the Lasat. We find out that there are more Lasat on Lirasan and that the pathway to Lirasan is now open so they can get come back at a later date. I’m thinking that Kallus is going to go to Lirasan to kill the remaining Lasat and maybe that will be when Zeb finally gets his revenge.


So I really liked this episode. I don’t have any problems with it, other than I did want to see Lirasan but I think we will in future episodes. What did you think of this episode and do you think Zeb will get his revenge on Kallus later this season? Let me know in the comments any thoughts you have.