Super Bowl trailer start off with a Civil War! What an awesome trailer to start with. Disney have brought many spots for the tonight and they kicked off with a new Iron Man glove. That was the main part of the trailer that stood out for me. We see a new Iron Man glove that blocks a bullet, shot by the Winter Solider.

This trailer really divided The Avengers. We see Team Cap and Team Iron Man lined up and ready to fight. I’m on Team Cap but Iron Man has Vision and I don’t know how anyone is going to beat him. There was also a really cool shot of Black Panther in the Team Iron Man line up and another shot teasing War Machines death. I feel like they’re making it really obvious War Machine is going to die because hes not. I’m not sure who, if anyone is going to die but I can’t wait for the next installment from Marvel.

Ant-Man’s suit got an update and we got a good look at it. The new helmet looks really cool and I can’t wait to see more Paul Rudd in April.

Not much else to talk about but we still got many more trailer to come tonight and I will try to cover all the ones that I find interesting.