FUCK YEAH Bourne is back! This trailer was awesome. Jason Bourne is back and he is every bit badass as before. I love the Bourne franchise but Bourne Legacy, just was not good. Paul Greengrass has comeback to direct Matt Damon and that gives me full confidence that ‘Jason Bourne’ is going to be amazing.


There’s not too much to talk about, other than Matt Damon looks jacked and ready to embrace this role again. When he punches that guy out with one punch, I cheered out loud, like when Conor McGregor knocked out Aldo. We see a quick scene with Tommy Lee Jones and he looks great but I was really hoping for a scene with Damon and Alicia Vikander but with just 40 seconds, you can only fit in so much.

Nothing else really to discuss. The action looks blood pumping, just like the first three and Matt Damon looks like a natural ‘Bourne’ killer.