Ivan ooze lookalike or not, Apocalypse is going to be legit. The design of Apocalypse may not be that great but Oscar Isaac is one of the best Actors working and should never be underestimated. The scenes with him and Xavier and when he chokes out Mystique, are terrifying. I think the fact people are nervous about the character of Apocalypse, is going to benefit him in the long run. Everyone who’s nervous, will be blown away.

x men

Best part of this trailer was Psylocke slicing a car in half. That shot was so cool and Olivia Munn looks like she is going to be awesome. We also get a good look at Cyclops and Jean Grey. I like Sophie Turner and I hope she kills it as Jean Grey. The first few seasons of Game of Thrones, I didn’t think she was that good but she’s increasingly grown into a solid actress and I hope this role will be a mature, interesting character for her to dig into. Tye Sheridan is a fantastic young actor and will bring a lot to Cyclops.

I hope Apocalypse is a formidable foe and does serious damage to the X-Men team. It seems like hes going to be very powerful and maybe even kill a big character.