Sunday is Valentines Day, so here are my top ten romantic comedies you should watch this weekend.


Sliver Linings Playbook (2012)silver linings

Silver Linings Playbook kicks off the list this week and it’s a great one to start with. This film was the first time that I realised Jennifer Lawrence was a fantastic actress. I still think this is her best performance, her chemistry with Bradley Cooper was spot on and add a recent good De Niro performance and you’ve got an amazing romantic comedy.   


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)Breakfast-at-Tiffany-s-audrey-hepburn-2297272-1024-576

A classic Rom Com that still holds up and is topical, is hard to find but Breakfast at Tiffany’s stands out as an Iconic piece of cinema. The character of Holly is a well written, complex and way ahead of her time. Audrey Hepburn is wonderful and will forever stand the test of time.


Lars and the Real Girl (2007)larsandtherealgirl

If you’re looking for a typical, boy meets girl, they fall in love blah blah blah, kind of film this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for, boy meets doll, it’s really weird but kinda cute, this is perfect. Ryan Gosling is outstanding, this film could have failed with the wrong actor but Gosling really sells you on this relationship. It’s a heartwarming story about loving anyone or anything, no matter how strange.


The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)40 year old virgin

Just like Gosling, Steve Carell has to sell you on the fact he’s still a virgin for this film to work and he does… too well. This film is full of belly laugh moment throughout, from start to finish. The supporting cast is so funny from, Seth Rogen to Jane Lynch. Like most Judd Apatow films, it’s a bit too long but still forever rewatchable.                                 “This is graphic”


Say Anything… (1989)say anything

Cameron Crowe’s 1989 debut film Say Anything is still my favourite film of his and is my sixth favourite romantic comedy. John Cusack I think is a super underrated actor and had great chemistry with Ione Skye. The story is cliche and wraps up nicely but it’s still a classic and the boombox scene will be remembered in film fandom forever.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)forgettingsarah

Probably the funniest film on the list is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Speaking of underrated actors, Jason Segel is so funny and likeable in this film. This is a perfect example of when Mila Kunis is cast correctly, she can be really good in certain roles. The rest of the huge cast is amazing and no one stands out as the weak link, even Russell Brand is hilarious. Did you know Jason Segel actually wrote a Dracula Musical when he was unemployed and really took it seriously, 5 years before Forgetting Sarah Marshall?  


When Harry Met Sally (1989)harry met sally

For me the most important aspect of a romantic comedy is the chemistry between the two leads. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had perfect chemistry and the best chemistry in any rom com. It’s the classic romance story but it tells it better than any film before or after. The film is very funny and has interesting, thought provoking observations on relationships. When Harry Met Sally was a classic in 1989 and is a classic now.


Annie Hall (1977)annie-hall

One of the smartest romcoms of all time is Woody Allen’s classic, Annie Hall. The way Woody Allen used breaking the fourth wall, to tell the story is brilliant. Allen has said he did this because he felt the audience had the same feelings and problems and he’s right. When you watch almost any film you constantly have thoughts and opinions about what you’re seeing, Annie Hall stops at these moments and lets you know what the characters (and random people in the background) are thinking. Not only is it a cleverly told story but the characters are fascinating and you want to see what happens to them. Annie Hall is a perfect and must see romantic comedy.


About Time (2013)About-Time

I don’t like Richard Curtis. I don’t like Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill but for whatever reason About Time is the one exception of his that I love. The premise is really interesting but ultimately isn’t what the films about. A lot of people have problems with the time travel but for me the film is about life and relationships and the time travel is just a tool to tell the story. Domhnall Gleeson has been working a lot recently but this is my favourite performance of his and he had great chemistry with Rachel McAdams. And if this film did one thing it discovered why Bill Nighy is the coolest human alive… he can time travel.


500 Days of Summer (2009)500

500 Days of Summer is the most realistic depiction of a relationship in any film. Marc Webb knows how to create a romance, proven in this and the Amazing Spider-Man films (the romance being the best part of those films). The nonlinear storytelling Webb used in this film made it really fresh and interesting to watch. The expectations vs reality scene is so creative and ultimately ends in a gut punch that lingers for days. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are spectacular, I’m hoping they’re going to reunite in another film in the future. It has a great soundtrack, superb performances and a brutal, real love story.


Honorable Mentions 

Harold and Maude

There’s Something About Mary

Bridget Jones Diary

Chasing Amy



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