We finally got the episode everyone was waiting for…. Space Whales?

This week the Ghost is running out of fuel, so with the help of the space creatures Purrgill, the Rebels find a Mining Guild operation with fuel they can steal.


I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. On one hand there were some cool scenes and I enjoyed seeing the power of Ezra but I feel like there are too many episodes this season, which means there’s a lot of filler ones. I’m not a fan of when TV shows double their episodes or added more on. Shows like The Walking Dead and Empire, feel dragged out and spread thin, since they added more episode per season. I rewatched season 1 of Rebels before season 2 started again and there are some character building episodes but the majority of the episodes were furthering the story and they never felt like filler. The last few episodes of Rebels I have liked but sometimes I feel like were just filling up the episodes, to get to the good stuff.

In this episode we see more of Ezra’s power and that hes stronger then Kanan. Ezra senses the Purrgill way before Kanan does and creates a strong connection with them. This was my favourite part of the episode. It calls back to season 1 when Kanan was trying to get Ezra to connect to the Lothcat. The Purrgill are definitely going to come back in a later episode to help the Rebels in a space battle. Every episode I think more and more that Ezra is going to turn to the darkside. He loses focus easily when he feels strongly to something and I think with a little persuasion, he could be pushed to evil.

The Purrgill themselves I actually thought were pretty cool. I liked the design of them and the idea of a creature travelling through space, was very interesting and something I’ve never seen in Star Wars before. Ezra riding the Purrgill, fighting of the Tie Fighters was an awesome visual, that I can’t wait to see more of. The reveal that the Purrgill can travel through hyperspace was another really great visual and will be cool to see if they shoot into a battle later in the season, like a squadron of ship would usually.


I liked this episode but I just really want to get to the meat of this season. We haven’t seen the Inquisitors for four episodes! I’m conflicted because I want longer episodes but not more episodes. Not sure if that makes sense. In my perfect world I’d like 13, 40 minute episodes per season. Anyway this episode was solid and as always I’m desperate to see what they’re going to do next on Rebels (hoping the Inquisitors are in the next episode).


What did you think of the episode and I’d be really interested in what you think about the length of the season. Do you think they should of stuck with the shorter season or do you like the 21 episode season?