WOW, where to start!

The Walking Dead is a show that I have a love-hate relationship with but when the show delivers, it delivers big.

The episode starts with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham being stopped by a motorcycle gang. the-walking-dead-no-way-out-norman-reedus-imageThese guys were apart of Negan’s group. I don’t read the comics but I know that Negan is a big villain and I can’t wait to see him when he shows up. So many times I thought
characters were going to die this episode, the first time coming in this opening. When the main guy in the motorcycle gang started to change his mind about killing Sasha and Abraham, I thought for sure he was going to kill them but then the whole gang blew up. Daryl comes from the back of the truck with a fucking RPG! This was also the first of many times, I shouted at my TV in this episode. This might have been the best opening to any episode of the show. From the word go I was hooked.


We then see the continuation of the last scene from the midseason finale, of Rick and his group walking through the Walkers, covered in Walker guts. The stupid kid sees a gross walker with its insides hanging out. Every episode, somehow the makeup for these zombies amaze me. After six seasons I don’t know how they keep upping themselves but the do. The group stop to change the plan. Gabriel says he’ll take Judith to his church and Jessie tries to tell the stupid kid to go with him. The stupid kid convinces her he can make it and right then I knew stupid kid, was gonna do something stupid.

Then Glen and Enid get to the church and at the same time the Wolves leader is stuck with Denise. I liked the scenes with Glen and Enid but Denise and the Wolves guy I didn’t like. This was the only weak part of the episode for me. I don’t buy that Denise would care for this guy or try and help him. Him and his group have just brutally murdered her friends and now she wants to save him?

So we go back to Rick and the group walking through the Walkers and holy shit! The stupid kid hears Carol’s voice in his head from earlier in the season, when she was telling him about the monsters eating him while he’s still alive. This was so brilliant. You hear Carol’s voice and you see disgusting shots of zombie faces. The kid stops when he see another young zombie boy walking in the crowd. This shot was really eerie and unsettling. Jessie tries to get him to start walking again but he won’t budge and then out of nowhere two Walkers grab him and eat him alive. Jessie then freezes and Walkers jump on her and she’s gone. We then get an unintentionally hilarious scene. Rick has flashbacks of Jessie smiling and looking happy, then when he realises she’s still got ahold of Carl, he snaps and chops of her arm with his axe, the images of Jessie then turn red. This scene was really cheesy but I loved it. It gave me a really good laugh, in whats a pretty dark episode. The older stupid kid, points his gun at Rick but Michonne slices right through him with her sword, the two stupid kids aren’t stupid anymore but they are dead. Michonne was brutal in the scene. She has so much loyalty and love for Rick and Carl, to the point she’s willing to stab through a teenager, this is why I love Michonne. Carl then turns to Rick and has lost an eye. When he drops to the floor I thought Carl was dead.This was an amazing reveal and one of the most intense moments in Walking Dead history.

Denise and the Wolf try to escape but the Wolf gets bit and for some reason Denise tries to save him. Like I said this really bugged me, so I was happy when Carol killed him and this storyline didn’t go any further.

Rick, Michonne and Carl get to the infirmary but Rick goes crazy. He decides to go take on all the Walkers and we get another cheesy scene that I thought was amazing. Everyone who’s hiding in their house at Alexandria, come running out with their knives, machetes and anything else they have, to help Rick defeat the heard. Even Gabriel and Eugene charge out to fight the Walkers. This scene felt like Return of the King, with Aragorn leading his army into battle.

Glenn and Edin get to Maggie. Glenn leads the herd of Walkers away, that were trying to get to Maggie. When Glenn was surrounded I thought he was he was done for but Sasha and Abraham return and save Glenn. Lauren Cohan was great in this scene and I think is very underrated when it comes to actors on The Walking Dead. I loved the look Daryl gave Glenn, when Glenn tells him he had only just got there. Daryl then creates a pool of gasoline and blows it up with his RPG. I really hope this is Daryl’s new weapon of choice.The Walkers are attracted to the fire and there was a chill provoking scene, of everyone at Alexandria working together and killing all the Walkers.

The final scene is Rick at Carl’s bed telling him that everyone was working together and that he seen a new world and that Alexandria can be a place where they can live.

Woah, this episode was fantastic. When The Walking Dead does action, it does it better than any other show. Like I said, I haven’t read the comics but I hope the people of Alexandria become a strong team and can fight Negan and his group. I’d love to see two really strong groups go head to head in an allout war. The next few episode will probably be slow and I’ll probably complain but episodes like this, is why I will never give up on The Walking Dead.