Not really anything coming out this week, so just go see Deadpool again and in honor of seeing Deadpool again, this weeks top ten is comic book films.


Deadpool (2016)deadpool-gallery-03-gallery-image

So I only saw Deadpool last night (review coming soon) but it’s already one of my favorite comic book films. It delivered on everything it promised. It was hilarious, vulgar, action packed and full of meta jokes. It’s very self aware and for fans who have followed the development of this film, you will find so many inside jokes and references. I have only just seen it, so maybe over time it will creep up the list but for now it’s my number ten.


The Avengers (2012)Avengers-Assemble-12

Now I know The Avengers is low down on the list but when looking over all the comic book films, there were eight films I liked more and thought were better. The fact this film didn’t disappoint is amazing. With all the anticipation and hype building to The Avengers, the task to satisfy the fans seemed impossible but they pulled it off. The final 40 minutes of this film may just be the most epic, fun conclusion to any film ever!


X-Men: First Class (2011)X-Men-First-Class-movie-image-Michael-Fassbender

After Wolverine Origins killed the X-Men franchise, it was up to Matthew Vaughn to resurrect the fallen series. X-Men: First Class proved that a prequel, doesn’t instantly equal bad idea. When you have a good director, writer and cast any film can be great. Matthew Vaughn is what I love about this film. His style sets it apart from all the other X-Men films, he gave the franchise a breath of fresh air but is it my favourite X-Men film?


Kick-Ass (2010)FILM Kick Ass

Matthew Vaughn again because the guy knows how to make an awesome comic book film. Kick-Ass was like nothing we had ever seen before in the genre. Again Vaughn’s unique style set the film apart from all other comic book films. It’s similar to Deadpool in many ways, it’s kind of a spoof but can also get serious and have a really compelling story, that creates a very enjoyable experience.  


Iron Man (2008)iron-man-robert-downey-jr-gwyneth-paltrow

I just revisited Iron Man for my Marvel Monday review and it doesn’t get old. I’ve seen this film countless times but it still makes me laugh and it still keeps me captivated throughout. Downey is outstanding as Tony Stark. He took a character known by comic book nerds and created a household name. The action scenes still hold up, it’s one of the best origin stories and the end credit scene is awesome.


Sin City (2005)marv

Sin City could have very easily fallen into the category of style over substance. There is a lot of style but what keeps me coming back and watching it over and over, is the characters and the world Robert Rodriguez adapted. Marv is one of the best characters ever put on screen. He’s a violent, mean killer but you can’t help but love him. The Bruce Willis story is disturbing and very brutal, the Old Town story is full of twists that keep you guessing and the way all the stories overlap and connect, creates a perfect film.


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)GuardiansOfTheGalaxy

When it comes to comic book films, the first thing I look for is fun and the best way to sum up Guardians of the Galaxy is, fun. Guardians was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in a cinema. It doesn’t have a deep, meaningful story but it doesn’t need one. This film wasn’t made to change the world or make you think about your life, it was made for the same reason films were created, pure escapism. You get sucked into the galaxy and go on a journey with these degenerates, full of laughs and surprises. I was surprised by how amazing every member of the Guardians was. With every superhero team I have a favorite, except this one. If you like laughing and having a good time you have to see this film.


X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)XMEN

X- Men Days of Future Past is amazing! The X-Men films have so much history, good and bad but Days of Future Past combined that history to make an epic tale. Everything in this film works. The opening is intense and surprising, then when you go back in time, old Wolverine interacting with 70s versions of his friends is hilarious. The tone is perfect in this film. It’s funny, serious, sad, scary and everything you could ever want in an X-Men film. My favorite scene in any X-Men film, is the conversation between old and young Xavier, inside Wolverines head. That sentence alone is crazy and seeing it in the film was mindblowing. The top three films in this list were so hard to order, they’re all perfect films that could be interchangeable.


Captain America: The Winter Solider (2014) (what a great year for comic book films)captain-america-the-winter-soldier-trailer-0.jpg

There have been two times when a comic book film has been treated with the utmost respect and seriousness. Cap 2 is one of those times. This felt like Cap meets Bourne, in the most perfect way possible. Robert Redford is my favorite Marvel villain because he’s a villain that could be a real guy. He doesn’t have any crazy powers or special ability he’s just a powerful dick, who wants to take over the world. When you get a legend like Redford to play the villain, it brings so much gravitas that so few actors could bring. The action scenes are full of adrenaline. The boat scene at the start is so cool. Cap is running through a boat flinging his shield around and it magically keeps bouncing back to him but it doesn’t matter cause it’s so awesome, then he fights GSP! The Winter Soldier combines many genres together, to go beyond the comic book genre and is just a great film.


The Dark Knight (2008)


Marvel have The Winter Soldier and DC have The Dark Knight. Cap 2 and The Dark Knight I find have many similarities. The both were taken very seriously and they both went above and beyond what is expected from a comic book film. I love these two films equally but I guess my favoritism towards Batman just put it over the edge for me. Batman gets overlooked in this trilogy because the performances were so great from the villains but I think Christian Bale was fantastic in this role. You can make fun of his voice all you want but if I ran into him, in a dark alley and he starts screaming at me, I hope I wore my brown pants. Heath Ledger’s performance is in the top ten performances of all time. The Joker was amazing and I can’t really say anything about him, that hasn’t been said already. I really like the Two-Face character, they did kill him quickly but they didn’t know they were going to lose The Joker as well and the choice Batman makes at the end, is the ultimate Batman move. It doesn’t get any better than The Dark Knight, which is without a doubt in my top ten films of all time which might be a list coming up soon….


Honorable Mentions 

V for Vendetta



X-Men 2


Superman 2


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