The Rebels travel to Ryloth to help a rebellion cell lead by Hera’s father Cham Syndulla.

So last week I complained about too many episode in a season, creating too many filler episodes. This week I should be saying the same things but I really enjoyed this episode. It didn’t further the story in anyway but as an episode on it’s own it was fun. I should also point out that I never finished The Clone Wars and I own the Lords of the Sith book but haven’t read it yet, so this was my first introduction to Cham Syndulla.

I liked Cham Syndulla. I know people who have read Lords of the Sith, felt he wasn’t handled properly and that may be the case but I haven’t read the book so for me he was fine. Hera has become my favorite character this season and I loved finding out more about her and adding more to her character in general. The arc with her and her father was rushed but with such short episode, you can’t really blame them. The scene when they were arguing about Hera joining the rebellion was really great. When Hera got angry her Twi’lek accent came through. I thought that was a nice little detail.


Usually the show relies on Zeb and Ezra or Chopper, for the funny moments but this week Kanan was the surprise comedic relief. He wants to impress Cham, so he tells Ezra to stand up straight, then he got nervous and called them all the wrong names. I thought this was really funny and setup that Kanan definitely has some feelings for Hera, that maybe we’ll see later on. I always enjoy seeing the team work together and this episode Kanan and Ezra had a really cool moment. They used the force to push each other through the closing doors. Both Kanan and Ezra aren’t fully trained Jedi, so they have to get creative in the ways they uses the force, it’s what makes them such interesting characters and is something I’ve always loved about them.


The midseason finale ended with the awesome battle between Ahsoka and the Inquisitors. Since then we still haven’t seen the Inquisitors! I enjoy these little episodes but I want to see the villains, instead of the boring imperial officers and stupid stormtroopers. I never feel like there’s any threat in these episodes without a formidable foe. I know in the trailer we saw there’s lots to come and it’s going to be amazing but I’m worried that we’re running out of time. I still think that a smaller season would have been better. I don’t think showing everything they did in the trailer was a good idea, a lot of people are excited to see the crazy stuff and getting fed up with theses smaller episodes.

I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t really have any negatives on the episode itself, just the season as a whole.


What did you think of the episode and are you getting frustrated knowing what’s coming but getting the smaller episodes?