After last weeks episode I said that The Walking Dead would probably have some slow episodes, that I would complain about. And to my surprise they didn’t. There were somethings I didn’t like but most of the episode I liked. So lets take a look at the good, the bad and the dead.

Rick and Daryl go on a run together and meet a crafty new face. Meanwhile Michonne follows Spencer into the woods and meet an old face.

So I really enjoyed the Rick and Daryl segment in this episode. I can’t remember the last time Rick and Daryl went on a mission together on their own. There was a lot of surprising comedy in this episode and it was really refreshing. We just had a pretty intense episode and this one was a nice relief, to calm down. The new character (who I believe is in the comics) Jesus, at first I thought was going to be the same character we see all the time when people go on these runs. I thought he would join them but they wouldn’t trust him and then he’d die and everyone was suppose to have learnt a lesson. However he seems to be sticking around and will probably join the group, I liked Tom Payne, who played Jesus and I think he’s going to be a good edition to the team.


I’m not the biggest fan of Carl and this episode I didn’t like him. I don’t really like Chandler Riggs (although he is improving), his scenes always drag down episodes. All the time in The Walking Dead, characters have conflicting thoughts about killing zombies. This story line has been played out so much and it bored me this week. I did like the scene with Carl and Michonne but because I like everything they’re doing with the Michonne character.

Speaking of Michonne, finally after a lot of tension and hinting, Michonne and Rick got together. I’m hoping this isn’t a one of thing and they’re going to become the power couple on Walking Dead. Michonne has shown that she has a motherly side to her, so I’m looking forward to her, Rick, Carl and Judith being a family. What I really liked about this episode was the sense of hope. It started really happy (with Boston playing) and it will be a nice change, if Alexandria becomes a place where everyone can live and be happy.


A huge complaint I’ve had with The Walking Dead for the past 2 and a half seasons, has been the lack of interest the writers have in Maggie and Glenn. After Maggie’s conversation with Enid and then Enid leaving Carl, I think Maggie and Glenn are going to sort of adopt Enid. I thought Glenn teamed up with Enid, to show his fatherly side, now that Maggie is pregnant but I think it’s because Enid will join the Glenn and Maggie family. I don’t read the comics so I don’t know whats going to happen but I think a good storyline they could do would be, Maggie looses her baby (because one baby on the show is enough for me) and so they see Enid as the child they never had. This would finally give Glenn and Maggie an interesting story and I think Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid has a lot of promise.

Overall this episode was actually pretty good. I was expecting a slow episode but I don’t think it was. There wasn’t any crazy action but there was some good character development and a new, fresh character.

Did you like this episode?