Zeb and Agent Callus get stuck on a moon of Geonosis and must work together to survive.

I really enjoyed this episode. We’re still not getting to the meat of the season but this episode added a lot to characters and the story. Something I’ve liked in this season has been the development they have given to Zeb. In season 1, he was the comedic relief and we never got an episode that focused around him. This week we got another episode that really delved into his race and his relationship with Callus. I’m not sure if there was anything I didn’t like in this episode.


So we got a lot of easter eggs and hint, for hardcore Star Wars fans that will notice them. The first thing being that Geonosis was a planet we first saw in Attack of the Clones. Captain Rex mentions the bugs on Geonosis, that we saw Anakin, Obi Wan and Padme battle. We never actually got to land on the planet but they could always go back in later seasons. Zeb finds a Kyber Crystal on the moon, that I imagine was left behind when The Empire built the Death Star. He gives it to Callus who takes it back to The Empire so it’s going to be interesting to see where that goes and who he gives it to. I loved the easter eggs in this episode, it’s what I love about the new cannon. Now that the same story group is writing everything, they can link the films, TV, books and comics together, for all the die hard Star Wars fans.

I was a little worried about this episode. Kallus has never shown any kind of empathy or regret for what hes done, so I was nervous they would turn him good and it wouldn’t be believable. But they managed to do it in a way that really worked. When he describe the slaughter of the Lasat’s and how he didn’t understand what was going to happen, it reminded me of the book Lost Stars. There are people in The Empire who were born into The Empire and have no idea they’re on the evil side. I also got the feeling when Callus says “everyone has things they never forget”, that he’s seen The Empire do evil acts and will never forget them but he’s to deep into The Empire, that he can’t leave. The last scene of the episode was fantastic. I actually felt bad for Kallus when he got back and no one cared he was gone. He comes in, can just about walk, almost died and no one even looks at him. I think they have built up Kallus as a possible informant, really well in this episode and he’s a character that I’m really excited to see in the future. Of course all of this could mean nothing if he just goes back to being the normal Kallus we’ve know for a season and a half but I don’t think that will happen.


Before this episode I was OK with the thought that Kallus or Zeb could be the next main character to die but now my opinion has completely changed. The show has now create an emotional connection to these characters, to the point it would effect me if they did die. Zeb’s race and his background has been built so well this season, that he’s becoming a favourite of mine among the Rebels and the connection that he has to The Empire has become one of the most interesting storylines on the show.

Every week I’m going to keep complaining until we see more of the Inquisitors. We’ve now had seven episodes without seeing them. I loved the Grand Inquisitor in season 1 and when they introduce 2 more in this season, I was really excited to see them expand the villains. I hope they don’t kill them off and we see more of them in season 3.

A really good episode this week. Loved all the reference and really great character development.

Whats your thoughts on this episode?