Ride Along sucked and Ride Along 2 is even worse!

Kevin Hart (The Wedding Ringer, Get Hard) and Ice Cube (Friday, Boyz n the Hood) return in the sequel to the 2014 comedy shit show and they brought with them Olivia Munn (Magic Mike, Iron Man 2), Ken Jeong (Hangover, Community) and  Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality, Demolition Man). Tim Story also returns to direct, who is of course know for his superhero classics, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer… FUCK.!

Ben is getting married but when his partner James has to go to Miami, Ben goes with him to catch a drug dealer who is supplying the dealers of Atlanta. They join up with a Miami cop Maya and a hacker A.J. to bring down the dealer and hilarity doesn’t ensue.

So as this is a sequel, I’ll give you my quick thoughts on the first Ride Along. It’s was cliched, annoying and very predictable but had some moments that made me chuckle. Ride Along 2 however, was completely humorless. I wasn’t expecting much from this film but like the first one, I thought there would be some scenes that would at least make me smile but there wasn’t. I like Kevin Hart but I’m worried he’s going to keep doing the same thing until no one cares about him and he disappears. The laughs that came in the first film, all came from him but in Ride Along 2 he was annoying and his shtick has really run dry. He plays the same character every time and for a while it was funny, now he needs to change it up and do something different, unfortunately Central Intelligence that comes out later this year looks like the same old thing. Like the first film, you can pretty much guess every joke before it happens, based on the scene and the people involved. The humor in this film was so bad and surprisingly worse than the first piece of shit.


Sometimes if a comedy isn’t funny, you can still get through the film if the characters are likeable and the story’s good. Does that apply to Ride Along 2? No. I was intrigued by the first film because I thought the pairing of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube would be fun but Ice Cube’s character is not a guy you like. He is really hard on Kevin Hart and never gives him a break. And Kevin Hart’s character is really annoying and should have given up a long time ago. When you have a character that isn’t very clever and never succeeds, it can go two ways. Either the character is a lovable idiot that even for his flaws you can’t help but love, Del in Planes, Trains & Automobiles or you get a character that will drive you crazy and you’ll wonder why anyone wants to be around him, Kevin Hart in Ride Along. Olivia Munn is a new addition but she doesn’t really add anything. She just stands around and looks hot but has nothing else to do. The fact they tried to work in a relationship between her and Ice Cube, I thought was hilarious. They had zero chemistry and there’s no way anyone could like Ice Cube in this film. Benjamin Bratt as the villain was fine, I guess.

With a bunch of shitty characters maybe there was at least a decent story right? Of course not. It follows most of the same cliche plot lines from the first film and you can predict everything that’s going to happen. I’m someone who can never predict how films are going to play out, so if I could predict Ride Along, that means it’s pretty bad. The film brings nothing new to the table and there are many scenes taken from the first film, put in a different location  and they called it Ride Along 2. There are a few scenes with CGI and surprise there fucking horrible. There’s not a single positive thing to say about this film, I can’t even say at least it was short because although it’s only an hour and 40 minutes, it drags and feels more like 2 hours.


So in the end the film doesn’t even come close to funny, no one is likeable, the story has nothing to it and it somehow managed to be worse than the first one! Unfortunately both of these films made a lot of money, so expect a third one in a couple of years. Ride Along 2 is awful, I advice from watching either of these films, so if you haven’t, don’t.


Have you seen Ride Along 2? If you have and you liked it please let me know, I’d be interested how you came to that conclusion.