This years Oscars are finally over! I’m not going to talk much about the show itself because honestly I find the Oscars pretty boring. So what I will say is, Chris Rock was funny and my pick for next years host is C3PO, R2D2 and BB8. What I do want to discuss is everyone who won and who I thought should have won. Also I predicted 12/24 correctly, so don’t listen to me next year.

I’m going to start with all the small awards Mad Max: Fury Road won. Mad Max was one of my top 5 films of last year and I was really happy to see it win the amount of awards it won, even if it didn’t win any big ones. Overall it won the most awards including, Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Production Design, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. Mad Max was a very visual film and definitely deserved to win in all of these categories.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was, Ex Machina winning for Best Visual Effects. I loved Ex Machina and the effects were flawless but I thought both Mad Max and Star Wars, offered much more in the effects department and deserved to win a little bit more. Although I did like that Ex Machina got some love because it was a very overlooked film when it came to this awards season.

You have to feel bad for Roger Deakins. He’s been nominated for 13 Oscars and never won once. I’m sure he will get his award one day but tonight, was not his night. Emmanuel Lubezki won Best Cinematography for his beautiful work on The Revenant. As much as I liked Leo, the cinematography is what kept me engaged throughout the film. The Revenant is a magnificent film, made so by Emmanuel Lubezki, he is also the only cinematographer to win 3 Oscars back to back.

The worst Bond song of all time won for Best Original Song somehow this year. I liked all the other songs much more than this one. This to me was the only undeserved win of the night because it just wasn’t a very good song. However Ennio Morricone finally got his first Oscar. For me other than Leo, Morricone has been the most snub person in Oscar history. He’s with out a doubt in my top 5 composers of all time and has been responsible for some of the most amazing scores ever. Strangely enough like Leo again, I feel his work this year wasn’t actually his best work ever but he won more for his incredible career.

I have to admit, for Best Animated Short, Best Live Action Short and Best Short Documentary, I hadn’t seen any of the nominations so I can’t comment on any of them. Best Documentary however I had seen Amy and Cartel Land. I thought Amy would win but I was really pulling for Cartel Land. Cartel Land was a really intense Doc that if you haven’t seen, you really should. Son of Saul was the only foreign film I had seen out of the nominations, so I can’t tell you if it deserved to win but I can tell you it’s an extremely powerful film that deserved recognition.

Best Animated Film may have been the easiest to predict this year. The other nominations were good but nothing came close to Inside Out. A wonderful film, full of imagination and incredibly unique. I also really enjoyed Buzz and Woody presenting the award (my other pick for next years hosts, if the droids can’t make it.).

I thought Room deserved much more than 1 win tonight and Best Adapted Screenplay was a big opportunity for another award. For me Room is one best books ever adapted to the big screen, let alone just this year. The Big Short was definitely a hard story to adapted and Adam McKay and Charles Randolph did do a really good job but I just wanted more for Room. Best Original Screenplay was a pretty easy one to predict. Like The Big Short, Spotlight was a hard story to put into a Screenplay and it was done to perfection. Spotlight won here and it should have been a big hint towards what would come later.

Alicia Vikander was my pick far above all the other nominees, in the Best Supporting Actress category. Was she the lead in The Danish Girl? Probably, but she was my favorite performer to watch last year, in everything she was in. I beleive this is the start of what is sure to be a great career. The biggest surprise of the evening was Mark Rylance winning Best Supporting Actor! Everyone’s hearts watching at home sank, when Sly didn’t get that Oscar. I’m not to upset because it was a really tough category and everyone in it deserved to win but I did really want to hear Sly’s speech. Hopefully he comes back for Creed 2 and gives the Oscars another go around.

If you didn’t know, I love Room. I was rooting for it to win every category it was nominated for and the ones it wasn’t. Although it was very obvious, I was so happy Brie Larson won Best Actress. She was outstanding in Room and in quite a hard year, was way ahead of every one in the category. Her and Jacob Tremblay gave the best two performances of the year. They made me feel more emotions in one film, then I’ve felt in every other film combined. Brie Larson has been an actress working really hard for years, now with this performance and Oscar, she is going to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

So before I talk about Leo, I want to continue this Room love fest. Jacob Tremblay was the biggest snub, I think in recent Oscar history. At such a young age he tackled this dark subject matter, better than most adult actors would. This young man (I’m usually not a fan of child actors by the way) made me cry, laugh, smile and just feel hopeful in a world full of so much hate and despair. Anyway…

Leonardo DiCaprio finally did it. After many years he is finally Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, which I’m going to call him from now by the way. Was The Revenant the best performance he’s ever given? No. Was The Revenant the best film he’s ever been in? No. What this award represents, is an incredible and far from over career as an actor. For years everyone has been saying, he’s one of the best actors working and has been getting snub time, after time, after time. Judging from the crowd reaction, I think everyone, including the other nominees wanted Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo DiCaprio to win this award. Academy Award Winner Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, is an actor who I have never hear a bad word about, he always gives a hundred percent no matter what film he’s in and I couldn’t have been happier when he won tonight.

Two more awards left! When Alejandro won Best Director, I was sure The Revenant was going to win Best Picture too, but we’ll get to that soon. I would have been happy with Alejandro or George Miller winning this award. Both of their films were very visual with little dialogue, meaning the story was told by their visions and what they captured on screen. The Revenant was in my top 5 of last year and I was pleased with Alejandro G. Inarritu winning two years in a row.

Spotlight winning Best Picture didn’t come as a surprise to me but I didn’t pick it to win. Of course we all know I thought Room should have won but I can’t take anything away from the masterful storytelling of Spotlight. Spotlight was a fantastic film and had pretty much everything you could ever want. An amazing cast, great direction and an important well crafted story that needed to be told. As a 7 year old boy in England back in 2003, I never knew anything about this story and was horrified when watching it unfolded. Although it wasn’t one of my personal favourite films of last year, it certainly was one of the best made films of 2015.

So that’s it, looking back 2015 was a pretty good year for cinema. The Oscars themselves were pretty boring and none of the results were too shocking but as a huge film lover I can’t help but watch every year. Did you watch The Oscars this year? Where you happy Spotlight won Best Picture? And did you think Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo DiCaprio would actually ever win an Academy Award?