So I’m not a huge Ghostbusters fan. I’ve seen the first two, I liked them but didn’t think they were anything special, I kinda had the same reaction to this trailer. I was completely behind an all female Ghostbuster, especially with Paul Feig directing and because of the talent behind this film, I’m still on board and will go see it. Also, I’ve never been all that excited for a Paul Feig film but they always turn out to be great and I think the same will happen with Ghostbusters.

Paul Feig started something that I hate in Bridesmaids. So many comedies recently have to have a scene when someone throws up, even tho I like the guy and his films, I’m still holding on to that grudge. The first scene of the trailer is a ghost puking slime all over Kristen Wig… sigh. This was the worst thing the trailer could have done for me, straight away I was annoyed. Someone being sick isn’t funny, it’s just gross.

I don’t think any of the jokes made me laugh in the trailer but that’s OK as long as the rest of the jokes in the film are funny. All of Kate McKinnon’s jokes fell flat and felt really forced. The final scene of the trailer was terrible. Not only did they show the whole gag but it wasn’t funny. You didn’t need to show how that whole scene plays out and you didn’t need to show that scene because it sucked. Tell us the ghosts can take human form, so we can speculate who it could be, don’t just show us. Like I said tho, there could still be really good jokes in the film but this trailer lowered my expectation on how funny this film will be.

What I really loved about this trailer, was everything it did visually. The Ghostbuster outfits look awesome and the new technology looks really cool. Like Paul Feig’s last film Spy, I think the action is going to be great in Ghostbusters. The design of the ghosts were very inventive, the giant ghost walking in the city was amazing. We got a quick look at slimer, which is always good, the first ghost looked cool before they got to the gag and the new Ecto-1 looks great.

I’ll give Paul Feig the benefit of the doubt because he hasn’t let me down yet but this trailer was not good. What did you think of the trailer and are you still excited to see Ghostbuster?