In this episode Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka Tano travel to a Jedi Temple to seek guidance, on how to defeat the Inquisitors and Darth Vader.

This was amazing. I’ve been complaining for the past few weeks now, that I wanted to see more of the Inquisitors and this episode kicked of with an Inquisitor fight. The battle was really cool and I love that Ezra and Kanan, are still pushing each other with the force, to get better positions. When Ezra and Kanan work together in these fights, it shows you how good the Prequels could have been with Anakin and Obi Wan. Keeping the consistency Ezra uses some creatures to help him and Kanan escape, which is an element of Ezra’s powers I really enjoy.


We see Ahsoka watching an old Holocron of Anakin and I started to think Ahsoka didn’t know what had happened to her old master. Ezra tells her that hes been watching the Holocrons too. This was awesome because it makes sense why Ezra is getting so much stronger if hes learning from Anakin.

The three visions at the Jedi Temple were fascinating. We’ll start with Ezra’s and Yoda. Yoda was sat on a log in Dagobah, which was a really cool detail, he tells Ezra that he has to find Malachor. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what Malachor is, so if someone does let me know in the comments, thanks. Kanan’s vision was very interesting. He goes into a dojo type place and is met by a Jedi Temple Guard. The Guard tells him that he will fail Ezra and he will turn to the darkside. I’m starting to wonder if they are making it too obvious that Ezra will turn and he actually won’t. The guard revels that hes the Grand Inquisitor! My guess is he was Temple Guard before Order 66, that was turned evil to lead the Inquisitors. Now that hes dead, hes kinda come back as a force ghost, in the form of when he was still good (like when they changed the Anakin force ghost in Return of the Jedi). The red markings on his face were only just visible so maybe they turned red when he turned evil. Eventually he knights Kanan and he finally becomes a Jedi Knight. This vision was amazing and I loved ever second of it.


In Ahsoka’s vision she was met by Anakin. Anakin asks her why she left him, in what was quite a sad scene. He reveals himself as Darth Vader to her so now without question she knows what happened to her master. From her reaction, I think she knew but didn’t want to believe it but now she has no choice. This was another great scene and had some real emotion to it.

We had three visions and three really important events. Ahsoka can no longer run from her past and must face it, Kanan is now a Jedi Knight and knows he has to stop Ezra from turning, Ezra knows where the crew has to go next to defeat the evil in the show. This episode was a huge turning point for characters and the plot. The next few episodes we’re going to see the effects of these events and just how much it has changed each person.

The episode ends with Vader turning up at the Temple. He has a cool line about his Master will be pleased, they found the Temple. To me this was the show telling you, get ready because Vader is about to invade Rebels. I think we’re going to see a very powerful Vader make a huge impact on the show, with a fight against Ahsoka. I think he’s probably going to kill Ahsoka in what will be a very sad moment in Rebels history.

I have a very small nitpick, which was that I didn’t really like what Yoda and Anakin looked like. Yoda looked a bit weird and Anakin didn’t look anything like him. The only way I knew it was him was because he had a glove on, where he has a robotic hand. It was a very minor issue that didn’t take away from the episode.


This episode was unbelievable. I thought this was going to be a Yoda episode like the episode from season 1 in the Jedi Temple. We got a lot more than Yoda and I was thrilled with everything we did get. This episode is in my top 5 Rebels episodes ever. Did you like this episode as much as I did and if you didn’t WHY!?