Tonight marked the first bad episode of Star Wars Rebels ever :(.

After the Rebels accidentally leave Chopper behind at an Imperial outpost, he befriends an Imperial droid to help get back to the Ghost.

There have been a lot of amazing episodes of Rebels, some good episodes, some OK episodes but tonight’s was the first terrible one. Not only did I not like the episode itself but the timing of this weeks episode couldn’t have been worse. With only four episodes left of the season, a Chopper story wasn’t something I wanted. Unfortunately I don’t really have any positives to say about “The Forgotten Droid” other than, there were a couple of jokes that made me giggle but that’s about it. So sorry if you did like this episode because my review is going to be very negative.

So when I realised that this was going to be a Chopper centric episode I was immediately worried. To write an episode about a character who doesn’t speak a single, understandable word, is doable but you have to be very clever with how you tell the story. It didn’t work in my opinion because Chopper meets another droid, who translates everything Chopper says, in really forced dialogue so the audience can follow whats happening. This then made the friendship between these two character very artificial, to the point when the emotional scenes happen at the end, I didn’t care. They were clearly trying to recreate the C3PO and R2D2 friendship, with Chopper and AP-5 but I didn’t feel that same connection with these characters, so with that being the whole point of the episode and it failing, this completely flopped for me.


The character of AP-5 I found extremely irritating. Chopper is the R2 of Rebels and now it seems they’ve finally got a C3PO. AP-5 didn’t have the charm that Anthony Daniels has, so the character fell flat. It might be unfair to compare him to C3PO but maybe I wouldn’t have noticed if they weren’t making it blatantly obvious. It worked with Chopper because although it was clear he was inspired by R2D2, he was still his own character, with his own attitude and motives. AP-5 just felt like someone sucked all the life and joy out of C3P0, making him a boring, monotone, ripoff but maybe that’s what happens when your a slave to the Empire. In fact I could change my mind on this character if they explore that angle more later in the show.


So the two main points of this episode was to create the friendship between Chopper and AP-5 and to get the Rebels to their new base. I feel like all this could have been achieved in one episode, with all the crew involved. If they had changed the story someway, to where the crew are finding the new base and in the side story, Chopper meets AP-5 and AP-5 helps them find the base, so they let him stick around. I love Chopper, I think he is a crucial part of the team but I never wanted to see him get his own episode. Some side characters work best, as side characters. Take for example the Minions from Despicable Me, they were great in the first two film but when they got their own film it was too much. I really hope we don’t see anymore pure Chopper episodes, unless they’re handled better than this.

I have know idea why they ordered the episodes like this. We just had one of the greatest episode of Rebels ever, ending with Darth Vader and then with four episodes left we get a random side story. I get that Chopper has led them to a new base, that will probably be a big part of the rest of this season but they killed the momentum they had from that last episode. They could have done this Chopper episode earlier in the season and found another way for the Rebels to find the base. I could be completely wrong because it seems next weeks episode titled “The Mystery of Chopper Base”, is going to follow on so maybe I’ll look back at this one and realize it was a great episode (Rebels has done that in the past before). But from where I am right now I found this episode to be really disappointing and it hurts to say that because I’m a fanatical Star Wars Rebels fan.

What did you think of the episode? Did you hate it as much as me or was I too harsh on poor old Chopper?