Pride & Prejudice & Zombies stars Lilly James (Cinderella), Sam Riley (Maleficent, On the Road), Jack Houston (American Hustle, The Longest Ride) and a bunch of really forgettable sisters. It’s directed by Burr Steers, who’s known for his Zac Effron films and being shot by Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction. It’s an adaptation of a novel by the same author of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

The story is a retelling of the Jane Austen classic Pride & Prejudice but this time there’s zombies. Lilly James plays a version of Elizabeth Bennet who along with her sister, must deal with the pressure of marriage, while the zombie world around them grows in population.

Like I said before this is the same author who wrote Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, so if you liked that film you will probably like this one too. It’s not as bad as Vampire Hunter but it’s not much better either. I didn’t like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, if just for their really long titles that are really annoying to type. PPZ I thought missed some opportunities, that could have made it a lot of fun to watch, instead of really boring.

Lilly James is the star of the film and will be a bigger star in bigger films, I’m sure of it. I first saw her last year when she played Cinderella, I knew then she was going to go on and make great film, unfortunately this was not one of them. To be honest she was the only thing I really liked about the film. She is one of those actresses that as soon she on screen, she holds your attention and you believe everything she is saying or doing. She’s very likable and for what ever reason can make you care about the character she’s playing instantly. This may not be a film that’s going to get people talking but everyone who sees it will be talking about Lilly James.


Elizabeth stood out in the film because of Lilly James but the rest of her sisters were indistinguishable. I don’t remember any of their names and I kept getting them confused. Sam Riley plays Mr Darcy and he was really annoying. I don’t know why he decided to have a silly voice throughout the whole film, it was a weird choice and he sounded stupid. Other than his voice he was fine in the film but nothing that will stick with you. I don’t have anything else to say about the other characters except Lena Headey.

When they first show Lena Headey and who her character was, I immediately thought she was going to steal the film. They show a scene of her slaying hundred of zombies, giving you the impression shes the greatest zombie killer around. She plays a similar character to Cersei from Game of Thrones but also a badass warrior, yet she does nothing in the whole film. When everyone is fighting the zombies she nowhere to be seen, they set up a really cool character and do nothing with her.


I was expecting more humor in this film but I don’t think I laughed once. There’s plenty of opportunities for some good comedy but I’m not sure if they even wanted the film to be funny (which is baffling considering the films title). The really big laughs for me in Deadpool earlier this year were the meta jokes. The jokes that were very self aware and for people who knew anything about Deadpool or the comic book genre, were hilarious. This film had a huge chance to do the same thing by making fun of Pride and Prejudice and the romantic film genre, whilst giving us a really cool zombie action film.

PPZ is a film in theory that could be rather fun… stupid but fun. ¬†Instead it focuses on trying to actually remake Pride and Prejudice, with zombies in the background. I don’t care about the love triangle or the struggles of the sisters trying to get married. If I want to see that I’d watch any of the real retelling’s of the classic novel or just read the novel itself. I wanted to see a film that doesn’t take it’s self seriously, that pokes fun of the source materiel and just has fun with the crazy premise it’s pitching. Some of the zombie makeup and designs of the undead, were surprisingly pretty good, there’s definitely a good film you can make with this story and cast but what we got, is just boring.


Have you seen Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and did you find it to be at all interesting?