The Rebels arrive at their new base but discover it is infested with some not so friendly inhabitants. Meanwhile Ezra and Kanan undergo Jedi training, to prepare Ezra for the mission ahead of them.

So I really didn’t like last week episode, however this weeks was definitely a return to form. Still not getting to the really good stuff we know is coming but a very solid episode all round.

My favorite part of this episode was the spider-like creatures, Krykna. Rebels uses a lot of creatures and I’ve never really liked any of them all that much. There was a space whales episode, the creatures Zeb and Callus fought a few episodes ago and some others, then when the Krykna were first revealed I kinda sighed and thought here comes a spider episode. But I found myself genuinely creeped out when the crew were walking through the cave to find Rex. The design of the Krykna is really cool (as is all the creature designs on the show) and the way they used their web to hold down the ship was scary and caused real problems that involved all the Ghost members, to solve. What I will always love about Rebels, is although it is a kids show it doesn’t hold back on sometimes giving us darker episodes for adult fans.


I don’t know about you but there’s something about Zeb sitting in the sun, listening to classic rock that I find hilarious. I loved the conversation Zeb and Ezra have about sharing war stories when Ezra returns (it does worry me we’ll never hear those stories) and as these 2 season have gone on I’ve really enjoyed the Zeb and Ezra friendship more and more. They’re like two brothers, who argue and compete with each other all the time but at the end of the day, will always be friends.

Kanan and Hera have always been my favorite characters, before the show even started when I read A New Dawn. I loved when Hera could tell Kanan was going to leave, by what he was doing and how he was acting. From watching the show, reading A New Dawn and the Kanan comic, I know that these two have a very strong bond and it was really nice to see they still have that. Like always I liked the interaction between Kanan and Ezra this week and the possible foreshadowing their conversations suggested. Sabine noticing that Hera wasn’t happy, showed how the crew is a family and they’re constantly looking out for each other. I thoroughly enjoyed all the little character moments this episode, that built upon the awesome crew we already have.

The end scene of this episode was really interesting. Ahsoka returns and then the camera pans up, revealing a strange looking bird and we hear the Imperial March music. My guess is that the music is setting the tone for next weeks double episode and that Darth Vader is coming back in a big way. It could also be foreshadowing Ezra’s turn to the darkside or Ahsoka’s possible demise or both, either way I can’t wait for next weeks episode and I want to know what’s up with that bird.


I complained a lot last week about how the episode was filler and placed poorly towards the end of the season. Although nothing in this episode pushed the main story along too much, I felt it set up the atmosphere and tone of what we’re getting next week. Also last week I said that I could have looked past the fact it was a filler episode, if the episode itself was good. Well The Mystery of Chopper Base, I thought was a fantastic episode and made me forget that I even wanted the story to progress because I was so sucked into it.

There wasn’t anything that stuck out to me that I didn’t like in this episode. Overall I thought the episode had a wonderful, scary atmosphere that suprised me, there were a lot of really nice character moments and a griping ending that got me thinking about next weeks episode.

What did you think of this weeks episode and are you excited for the finale next week?