The 5th wave stars Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, Hugo), Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, The Kings of Summer), Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan, Spotlight) and is directed by J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed).

The 5th Wave is an adaption of a YA book by Rick Yancey. An Alien race has come to Earth and within 5 waves, plans to wipe out all humans. Cassie (Moretz) is desperately trying to get to her brother who is being held at a military base, whilst fighting to survive the increasingly more deadly alien attacks.

This film was panned by critics so I had low expectations going in and for about 40 minutes I was confused by all the hate towards this film, that soon changed. The 5th Wave for a while was alright and then it plummets into the worst YA adaptation possible.

Ever since Kick-Ass I’ve been a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz and have been waiting for her to get another really good role. She has tried with the Carrie remake and now this but she needs a better agent because these film are terrible (fingers crossed The Little Mermaid turns out good). Shes good in the film but doesn’t really have anything to do and when this film turns into the typical YA romance crap, her character becomes unwatchable. We know she can sell action scenes and the ones in this film are OK but when you have an actress like Moretz, you can’t help but feel it’s a missed opportunity to rely more on her abilities as an action star and not as a love interest.


The setup for the story is pretty good. Aliens come to earth and through waves of attacks, attempt to wipe out the human race, now you have Moretz trying to survive in an apocalypse world. It’s not very original but with a good cast and some good action, it should be a fun time. But the story becomes so predictable, so bland,  it breaks of into two different stories halfway through and you don’t care about either of them. At that halfway point Moretz’s character runs into ‘Generic Six-Pack Love Interest Number 164’and they have one of the worst romances in film history. There is literally a scene with Moretz, where she sees a topless Generic Six-Pack Love Interest Number 164 bathing in a river and drools over him in one of the worst scenes of this year so far.

There have been some pretty horrible, accidental creeps in film (that would be a fun Top Ten Tuesday) and GSPLIN 164 fits nicely in that list. He’s played by some dude who I’m not even going to bother IMDBing his name because he gives such a wooden performance and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned (and he’d probably prefer if no one remembers his performance anyway). He has zero chemistry with Moretz and the twist with is character is painfully obvious.


The film follows the Moretz character Cassie, for half the film and then like I said it breaks into two storylines. The film jumps over too Nick Robinson who is at the military base and is leading a team of child soldiers. So now all of a sudden, we have to  get invested in another main character who we know nothing about, while we’ve just been following Cassie, who I actually kind of liked but because she’s not moving the plot along because she has to have a romance story with GSPLIN 164, they force in another storyline so that the film can actually have some action scenes. This all results in you liking no characters in the film and having a really jarring 3rd act.

The one big question I had after this film was, why was Maika Monroe in this? She is coming off two incredible performances in The Guest and It Follows, so why did she take this small role in such a shitty film. I had no idea she was in the film and when she come on screen I was upset because I didn’t want her filmography tainted with this crap. She was pretty good in the film and probably one of the only positives to take away from what was otherwise a big pile of horse manure.

I’m ending the review there because I don’t want to have to think about The 5th Wave anymore. So my final thoughts is that The 5th Wave, fucking sucks!


Have you seen The 5th Wave? If you have I’m sorry.