After four years we finally got The Avengers and boy was it worth the wait.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes), Chris Evans (Captain America, Snowpiercer), Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight, Foxcatcher), Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Crimson Peek) and is directed by geek god, Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

When Loki comes to Earth with an alien army, Nick Fury forms a team of powerful superheros called, The Avengers.

When you’ve been building towards a film with several other films, for four years, it should be impossible to create a satisfying experience but Joss Whedon and Marvel managed to make it happen. I went into this film four years ago so pumped and excited, to finally see all these hero’s in one film fighting together and I wasn’t disappointed, one bit.

So I’m just going to jump straight to the big battle at the end because I love that whole third act so much. There’s no way someone can watch the last 40 minutes of this film and not enjoy themselves. For me, I go to the cinema to have fun and everything that last act did, defined why films are so popular and why we love going to see them. The Avengers is pure escapism and when that battle happens, I forgot where I was, I forgot who I was with, I forgot there was a world outside. I was in that film, with those characters. The action is masterfully crafted and can hook anyone in, even if you’re not a fan of Marvel and haven’t seen all their films. Every Avenger gets their moment, including Hawkeye.


The humor is spot on throughout, which comes from the chemistry all The Avengers have with each other. The quips and arguments that happen between all the hero’s, feels so genuine and real because of the performances from everyone. We’ve seen Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow but we’ve never seen them all together and when it happened it created something special. There are comedy scenes in this film that I will never be able to forget, when these characters interact with one another and when you throw in the always spectacular Loki, of course you’re going to get gold.

Speaking of Loki, he really popped for me in this film. I liked him in Thor, he was definitely my favorite Marvel villain from the standalone films but it wasn’t until The Avengers, when he became one of the best ever. Hiddleston brought so much charisma to the role and seems to bring more every time he plays him. He could go toe to toe with The Avengers verbally and brought the power with him, in the form of a space army. In The Avengers I think Tom Hiddleston really became Loki and fell in love with the character and that came through in his performance.

Mark Ruffalo was the only new comer to the crew, after he replaced Edward Norton as The Hulk. I like Norton as an actor but never felt like he fit the role, Ruffalo however killed it as both Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I think Mark Ruffalo is in the top ten actors working today and may actually be the best actor in the film. He played a nervous, on edge Bruce Banner so perfectly at the begin of the film, I instantly forgot anyone else had ever played the character and from that point on Mark Ruffalo has always been The Hulk. He had really great chemistry with Downey and I loved the friendship between their two characters that started in this film. I’m still hoping that Thor 3 will lead to a Planet Hulk film in the future because I think they need to let Ruffalo show what he could do with the character.

All the other Avengers are pretty much the same character from their solo films but the true hero of this film is director Joss Whedon. I can’t imagine sitting down and trying to work out how to make this film work. He weaved the actors, the story and the action together in a way I don’t know if any other single human being could have done. Everything this film set out to do it accomplished, in the eyes of fans and the critics (which we’ve seen with BvS is hard to do). The Avengers has so many moving parts, that would cause so much stress so you can understand why Whedon is currently taking some time off after the second one.


If you read my Top Ten Comic Book Films list I did a few weeks back, you may remember that The Avengers was quite low on my list. The problem I have with this film is that, there isn’t much story or character development. I understand that you get all that in the standalone films but as much as I loved watching all the action in the cinema, what keeps me coming back to films at home, is characters and stories. I had The Avengers low on my list because I don’t come back to it often. Again I know that The Avengers isn’t supposed to be a deep character study or a meaningful story but for me the layers in a film that you discover each time you watch it, is what makes me love a particular film and I don’t get that from The Avengers. Don’t get me wrong I love this film and I guess if you look at it as, all the solo films are the first and second act, then The Avengers is the big finale in a really long film.

The Avengers is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had inside a cinema and will be one I will never forget.


What do you think about The Avengers?