There’s not really anything good coming out this week, so you should all go see Batman v Superman again. So I’m going to countdown my ten favorite superheros. This is just based off the films and performances these superhero are in, not my favorite from the comics.


Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)spider-man 

I don’t really like Tobey Mcguire as an actor and never like his Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield however I really like. I do think he was a bit too old for the character but he brought real acting chops to the role and sold the emotional scenes throughout both films perfectly. I do think his chemistry with Emma Stone helped not only those films but really made Peter Parker a more likable and enjoyable character to watch.


Mr Incredible2804i 

Surprisingly enough, I think the most relatable character on this list is the cartoon one. Many superhero films try to create an ordinary person, who just happens to have superpowers but they very rarely succeed in keeping the character relatable. Mr Incredible is a guy I can watch and really get behind because he doesn’t seem like a fictional character.


Charles Xavier (James McAvoy)1627279-professorxfirstclass

I like Patrick Stewart but in the original run of X-Men films he never really got to lead a film or have a huge role. James McAvoy is the standout in his X-Men films and he brought so much more to the character than Stewart was ever allowed to. He also had Michael Fassbender to play off of and them two together are always spectacular.   


Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)deadpool-trailer-2

Deadpool is on the list just for the marketing with Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool was given the freedom to be exactly like he is in the comics and on this particular occasion it worked tremendously. Reynolds brought all the attitude, jokes and energy to Deadpool that all his fans wanted to see and they made a film that encapsulated the spirit of the character in 2 hours.


Captain America (Chris Evans)rs_560x415-131024111419-1024.captain-america-2

I never really liked Captain America all that much in the comics or in the first film they made with him but in The Winter Soldier, through Chris Evans and the Russo Brothers, I came to love Cap and he has become one of my favorites. When you mix together his badass fighting ability and trying to adapt to a new world, along with Hydra trying to take over the world, you get a really fun and deep character to delve into and explore.  


Thor (Chris Hemsworth)thor-the-dark-world

Thor was another guy that I never liked, before seeing his film. But when I did see that first Thor film I was blown away by how much I enjoyed seeing this character on the big screen. The comedy he brings, when he’s on Earth is hilarious and when he’s on Asgard, Thor is a badass warrior. Hemsworth has a ton of charisma and made the personality of Thor really shine on screen.


Superman (Christopher Reeves)christopher-reeve-as-superman-wallpapers_23687_1024x768.png

Christopher Reeves is Superman. I like Henry Cavill but he’s never felt like Superman. Reeves embodied the character and played both Clark Kent and Kal-El excellently. He brought charm and a likeability factor that I don’t think can be taught, Christopher Reeves was naturally Superman and was born to play that role.  


Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)wolverine-hugh-jackman-hot

Comic book fans often overreact when people are cast in a role and we don’t like it. It’s hard to believe it now but there was a time when everyone thought it was a bad idea to have Hugh Jackman play Wolverine. Now we look back and can see although he doesn’t fit the role physically, the sarcasm and brute strength was definitely inside Jackman. It seems Jackman keeps getting bigger and bigger every time we see him in this role, which shows his dedication to the character and how much he loves being Wolverine. I still feel like there is an unlocked potential that we are yet to see from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but what we’ve got so far has been pretty awesome.  


Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)2008_iron_man_009

With my Marvelous Monday reviews I’ve been talking about Iron Man a lot recently but that won’t stop me from putting him in my number two spot this week. Robert Downey Jr. has become Iron Man. It’s no longer a performance it’s who he is and once you get to that point, it’s hard to fail. Another casting choice that was questioned by fans and another example of why we should just wait and see the film before we judge. Downey is so good as Iron Man and so impossible to recast, that Marvel are throwing money at him to stick around and will be for years to come. Iron Man wasn’t a huge character outside the comic book community but now he is a pop culture icon and a household name, thanks Robert Downey Jr. and his fantastic Iron Man films.  


Batman (Ben Affleck) ben-affleck-batman-1200x0

Now I know its really soon but I believe Ben Affleck is the best version of Batman we have ever seen on screen. Batman is my favourite character ever and for years I’ve wanted to see a brutal, unforgiving, violent Batman like the one Frank Miller wrote. Affleck gave us that. He got huge for the role so that he could be intimidating and when he’s throwing people around, you believe he could do it. I do like the detective Batman but my favourite has always been the crazy, psychopathic vigilante version and well this Batman is all of that and even more. Again, the internet exploded when Ben Affleck was cast and I was with them but he changed everyone’s minds and proved that he was right for this role. I can’t wait to see a full solo Batman film with Affleck and Suicide Squad has become my most anticipated film of this year because I’ll get to see more Batman. There may not be much to go on right now but this Batman is without a doubt my favorite superhero.
Oh and the suit is amazing, it’s straight from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and is completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before. Affleck played a wonderful Bruce Wayne to go along with his terrifying Batman. I’m going to have to stop now because I could write about Batman forever.


Honorable Mentions 

The Hulk



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