It’s been a while now since I saw Batman v Superman, everything has sunk in and I’ve processed the whole film. In this review I’m going to be talking about all the spoilers in the film, so if you haven’t seen it yet come back after you have.

First I have to talk about Jeremy Irons as Alfred because I failed to mention him in my non-spoiler review. He didn’t have a big enough part for me to compare him to other Alfred’s but I can definitely say he could become the coolest Alfred we’ve ever had, in solo Batman films and The Justice League. Jeremy Irons is a great actor and has one of the most powerful voices ever. Every time that man speaks you have to listen.


The way they introduced the other Justice League members I thought was excellent. I feared going into the film they would cram too much of the Justice League into this film, resulting in the everything else suffering. They let you know The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg are out there, we’re going to see them in future films and that’s it. As for the three individual scenes I like two of them. The Flash one was really cool, the effects were good and I’m excited to see Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. The Aquaman one was my favorite. Jason Momoa is so badass and looked amazing in the Aquaman outfit. The Cyborg scene was OK. It looked a bit off and didn’t really explain what was happening for non-comic book readers. All these clips are really short, meaning they don’t give you any real indication as to how good or bad their characters are going to be. There was however another Flash scene.

I’ve only seen the film once and this scene really caught me off guard, so I can’t remember everything that was said but it was an awesome scene. The Flash coming back in time, I’m hoping, is going to set up the Flashpoint storyline which could be amazing on film. From what I saw from The Flash’s suit it looked great. The papers flying around, along with the lighting and the effects looked crazy, this scene was a standout scene that everyone’s talking about. It’s a bit confusing now but I’m sure we’ll look back at it, after Justice League and see what it was foreshadowing.

A big criticism I’ve seen people have with this film, is the motivation for Batman and Superman fighting. I had no problem with this at all. In Man of Steel when Zod threatened Superman’s mum Supes freaked out. They set up hes very protective of his mother, so it made sense he would do anything to save her. Also as far a Superman not really wanting to fight Batman, I liked it. It’s similar to  The Dark Knight Returns, when the President tells Supes to go and take Batman down, he does. He didn’t want to, he had to and plus if Superman really wanted to fight Batman, there wouldn’t be a fight. This all made perfect sense to me and I think Snyder handled it very well.


I want to talk a little bit more about Ben Affleck’s Batman because there was a scene that was terrifying. I think it was the first time you see Batman, when a cop comes into a room and Batman is in the corner, being extremely freaky. He’s blurry so you can only just about make him out but it felt like something from a horror film. Then I started think about a Batman horror film and to me that sounds pretty cool.

As I am writing this review, I’m listening to the Batman v Superman score composed by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. When I’m writing, I love listening to scores from films and I’ve been listening to this one since seeing the film. The Wonder Woman theme, ‘Is She with You?’, was a line I hated in the film but the song is amazing. It worked so well when she came into the scene as Wonder Woman because it feels different from the rest of the score, it has an amazonian sound to it that fitted the character perfectly. The rest of the soundtrack is really cool too, I love the violins at the end of ‘The Red Capes Are Coming’ song.

The big spoiler at the end of the film, is Superman dies! But we all knew long before the dirt moved, there was no way he was dead. I hated this. A big problem superhero films have, is there are never any stakes involved because every time someone dies, they come back. Comics in general have this issue but we know not everything has to be like the comics. Killing Superman was a stupid idea because we know there making Justice League films, so why would they kill of the leader. They lost all respect when they show the dirt move because they didn’t even have the balls, to try and trick people who maybe aren’t as involved in all these films and could be fooled into believing Superman is dead.

So now I want to talk about all the unnecessary crap, that filled up this film and made it bloated. The Lois Lane side story about her in Africa and then finding the bullet, could have been cut out of the film. You cut that whole story and the film is probably 15-20 minutes shorter. Then we can cut out Superman getting nuked because although it was a cool scene, it wasn’t needed. Snyder always goes too far in his action scenes and puts too much in, making them eventually get tiring. This is what happened for me with the nuke scene and once you take that out were down about 5 more minutes. The Kevin Costner scene was nice but felt like a deleted scene and not supposed to be in the final film, another 5 minutes gone. Overall you could have cut at least 30 minutes of this film and it would have been a much smoother 2 hour experience.

I loved the trial of Superman and if you cut the Africa storyline, then you wouldn’t have a trial… wrong! There was a huge debate online after the conclusion of Man of Steel, so turn that debate into a trial in the film. That would have been genius but instead they had to make up some stupid reason to put Superman on trial, when you had a perfectly good one right in front of you. And did people think Superman killed those men in Africa with a gun, why would he do that!?

That’s everything I had to say about the spoilers in BvS. Now looking back at my first review I’m still sticking with my 8/10 score I gave the film. I really enjoyed Batman v Superman, is it perfect? No but I never gave it a perfect score. I do have a feeling, when I watch the film again the negatives I have will annoy me even more each time, so maybe after repeat viewing, I’ll like the film less but I doubt I’m ever going to dislike completely.

Whats your thoughts on all spoilers in Batman v Superman?