So after Batman v Superman was panned by critics, we get a Justice League vs. Teen Titans animated film… sort of.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans stars the voices of Stuart Allan as Damian Wayne, Taissa Farmiga as Raven, Kari Wahlgren as Starfire and Jon Bernthal as Trigon. Sam Liu directs who has also done some other really great animated films like last years Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Batman: Year One and Planet Hulk.

When Robin is sent to work with the Teen Titans, he must cooperate with the team to defeat the evil Trigon. Meanwhile the Justice League are also looking into the presence of the evil being and they collide with the Teen Titans.

So this is the 7th film in the DC Animated Universe, that follows The New 52 storyline. I had at least liked all the films in the DCAU until Batman: Bad Blood earlier this year. Now we have the introduction of the Teen Titans (which I was extremely excited about) but unfortunately this film follows the same path of Batman: Bad Blood.

I’m going to start with the things I liked in this film because there were some. I’m in the minority but I actually enjoy the character of Damian Wayne. I found a lot of the humor that works in this film comes from him and I enjoyed his interaction with the rest of the Titans. I know a lot of people find him unlikable and annoying and I can see why, for me personally I like the character but I don’t think he should have been in this particular film, more on that later. I liked Raven, I enjoyed the relationship she started with Damian and seeing her powers in action was cool.


Something you can always count on with DC Animated film, is the action. If everything else fails, at least you know you’re going to get really exciting, engaging fights and thats exactly what we get here. The battle at the start with the Justice League was really fun and the several fights the Teen Titans have, are extremely enjoyable. It’s nice to see a different team of hero’s fighting together, instead of the usual Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc.

Trigon is the big villain in the film and he is awesome. He looked cool, was a badass and a formidable foe for both the Teen Titans and the Justice League. He’s played by the great Jon Bernthal, who has a truly intimidating voice and fits the design of the character perfectly. He was probably what I enjoyed seeing the most in the whole film.

My big problem is that the Justice League are involved in this film way too much. The only reason the Justice League are in the film, is so they could put a vs. in the title and release it with Batman v Superman. Justice League: War set up all the characters in this new universe, by going through each member, giving you back story and explaining who everyone is. We didn’t get that for all of the Teen Titans because they had to make room for the Justice League. Blue Beetle and Beast Boy are very underdeveloped characters and are just there to add to the numbers for the battle sequences. They made Starfire the leader of the Titans, which did make her a strong, authoritative figure in the film but you still don’t really know anything about her.


The title of the film itself is very misleading. You would assume the film is about the Justice League and Teen Titans fighting but it’s only a very small portion of the film. If you didn’t like the motivating behind Batman and Superman fighting in BvS, then you’re really going to hate the reason the League and Titans fight in this film. It’s not original and very easy.

If you know anything about the Teen Titans, then you know Nightwing is pretty big part of the team. He’s also the most popular spin off character in all of DC but for some reason these DCAU films don’t like him. He keeps popping up but only popping up. Like I said, I enjoy the Damian Wayne character but he takes the role of Nightwing in this film and it doesn’t fit his character at all. I think this film should have been more focused on the Teen Titans and Nightwing should have been the leader. Fans don’t like Damian but love Nightwing, so it doesn’t make sense why they’ve gone this route anyway.

Can someone explain to me why I watched Damian and Beast Boy have a dance off? I usually find the humor in these DC animated films works but in this particular film it was hit or miss.

This film didn’t really do anything for me and I’ll probably never revisit it. It’s not completely horrible but not that great either.


Have you seen Justice League vs. Teen Titans and what did you think of it?