Ezra, Kanan, Ahsoka Tano and Chopper travel to Malachor in search of knowledge, to defeat the darkside. However they are not alone on Malachor, an evil presence lurks around the corner, in this action-packed double episode extravaganza.

So when the trailer was released for the second half of season 2, I didn’t watch it but it was impossible to avoid images and other spoilers from said trailer. Many fans did watch the trailer and there was a bit of backlash when we started to realize everything we saw, wasn’t coming until the final episode. Some of the later episode leading up to this one, felt like filler or a waste of time because we wan’t to see what we were promised. Now that we finally have seen that last episode, I think we can all agree it was worth the wait!

Twilight of the Apprentice is by far the best episode of Rebels ever. Everything from story, to action, to animation, was perfect. We saw some old faces, scenes we had been waiting for all season, huge show changing plot points and some of the best Star Wars fights ever. Now I got to try and piece together everything I saw and turn it into some sort of review.

I’m gonna start with the return of Maul. We knew from the trailer, we were going to see Maul return in Rebels but I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. Maul using Yoda’s trick from Empire Strikes Back, pretending to be old and weak, was a fantastic way to get Ezra following Maul. Their relationship had me guessing throughout the whole episode, trying to figure out if Maul was good or bad. When Maul finally got out his Lightsaber, we saw the most incredible battles this show has ever done. Seeing him fight the Inquisitors and then Kanan, it was unbelievable. Sam Witwer did the voice for Maul and he was outstanding. The voice work on this show, is always great but Maul stood out for me this week because Witwer really had a distinct voice for Maul, that makes his lines, ones you’ll remember forever. I cannot wait to see him even more in season 3 and really hoping for a Maul vs Vader fight .


Since the begin of this show, the idea of Ezra turning to the darkside has been hinted at constantly but never like this. Just the fact he is so easily led by Maul, he says that he has anger inside him and then the red light from the holocron reflecting into his eyes at the end of the episode, had to be foreshadowing something.

Ever since reading A New Dawn (the prequel novel to Rebels) I have loved the character of Kanan, in this episode some big things happen to him. We’ve seen, over this season especially, Kanan battling to keep Ezra good, he faced his biggest challenge this week in Maul and I found it to be very emotional. Ahsoka telling Kanan, Ezra would be alright because he trained him, became a very touching moment when it ultimately come true. When Kanan put on the temple guard mask, defeated Maul and helped Ezra, it was a huge victory for Kanan that I loved to see for the character, even if he didn’t leave unscathed.

When Kanan was blinded I instantly thought of the Jedi in The Force Unleashed Video Game, who was also blind. I remember playing that game and think that was an amazing idea because a Jedi then has to become completely one with the Force, just to be able to see. This is going to make Kanan even stronger in the Force and is going to create some very interesting developments in his character. I usually don’t like it when my favorite characters get some sort of handicap that limits them but this is going to put Kanan’s abilities on a whole new level.

I’m a huge fan of the Inquisitors, I’ve been complaining that they haven’t been getting enough time this season but this week we saw a lot of them. A new Inquisitor was introduced, The Eighth Brother. He was cool, he didn’t stick around for long but he served as a good villain to fight in this episode. The Seven Sister and The Fifth Brother returned and had some really cool fights with just about everyone. The helicopter thing the Inquisitors where doing, I thought was an awesome visual, it probably wouldn’t be possible but was really cool to see. By the end of the episode all three Inquisitors were dead, which makes me think we’ve seen the last of them but you never know they could come back. If they do decide to bring them back, they’re going to have to come up with something new and make them unique because they’re becoming a bit stale if every Inquisitor is the same.


Ezra finds a green version of Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber on the floor. This is fascinating. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars (I’m assuming you are), you have to buy The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary. In that dictionary there’s a whole double page on Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber, that tells you he built it on Malachor. This adds even more to Ren’s obsession with Sith artifacts, if he was going to a Sith Temple and researching the darkside. What I love about Star Wars and the new canon, is that everything is being well thought out and they can have these really cool tie ins, connecting the dots through all the media they tell Star Wars stories.

I’ve saved the best till last. I knew there was going to be a confrontation between Ahsoka and Darth Vader but I wasn’t prepared for how powerful it was going to be. First off all, the animation in all of this episode but especially this fight was outstanding. The visual of a Lightsaber in a dark room is always cool and when you have two badasses, fighting with three Lightsabers, it’s mind-blowing to watch. I haven’t seen every episode of The Clone Wars but I’ve seen enough to understand the relationship Ahsoka and Anakin had, making this episode unbelievably emotional.

The Dialogue in this fight was so perfect,  Ahsoka saying “I am no Jedi” and Vader telling her “You will die”, were both moments that gave me chills. When they used Matt Lanter voice, who played Anakin on The Clone Wars, it was so brutal for Ahsoka and as a viewer at home, to see her finally have to admit her friend has become Darth Vader. Lanter was a great pull from The Clone Wars and made me feel, way more than I ever thought I would for animated characters.


Since Ahsoka debut on the show, I thought Vader would kill her and throughout this season, I was becoming more and more convinced we would see it now. I was really happy she survived the battle because Ahsoka is an amazing character, who we definitely didn’t see enough off in this season. Everything in this fight was masterfully crafted from the slicing of Vader’s helmet, the score and the explosion, leading up to the final shots of Vader and Ahsoka limping away. For fans who have been following this story, the buildup to this moment has been truly something amazing to experience.

Unfortunately season 2 of Rebels is over but I still have one more post left. Later today I’m going to make a post, reviewing season 2 as a whole and looking ahead at season 3. I’m going to countdown my 5 favorite episodes, compare this season to the first and make my predictions for season 3. Look out for that later today if you’re interested. I’ve really enjoyed review Star Wars Rebels each week and can’t wait to do the same next season.