Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels has finally come to an incredible end and after I reviewed the final episode (find that here), I still wanted to talk about Rebels. So I’ve decided to look back over the past season and take a look into the future with some predictions.

Season 2 Review

The season started of really strong with ‘The Siege of Lothal’ double episode. It aired 4 months before the season actually started but I think it’s still counts toward the overall season. It was a bit confusing but either way was really awesome. It set up Darth Vader on the show, that didn’t really pay off until the final episode but his presence was felt through Ahsoka. I watched the episode at least 4 times while we had to wait for the season to start and I recently caught it again and it’s still an amazing episode, that never gets old.


We then got the very welcome return of Captain Rex from The Clone Wars, in a two part episode. These were fun episodes and it was nice to see some Clone Troopers again. The next episode was ‘Always Two There Are’. This was a great episode, that saw the introduction of two characters I really liked, The Fifth Brother and The Seventh Sister. The episode had a really dark tone and was the first sign of Zeb’s really strong season.

The next 4 episodes ‘Brothers of the Broken Horn’, ‘Wings of the Master’, ‘Blood Sisters’ and ‘Stealth Strike’, were all solid character building episodes. I especially enjoyed the Hera episode ‘Wings of the Master’ because I thought Hera was underused in the first season but she got a couple of episodes to really shine this season. Also another character from The Clone Wars, Hondo was a really cool edition to the show.

‘The Future of the Force’, mixed the perfect amount of humor and darkness into one fantastic episode. We got to see Ahsoka in action for the first time on Rebels, at the end of the episode and it was glorious. She slapped around The Inquisitors for a few minutes before diving back into The Ghost. Overall an interesting story about Inquisitors searching for force sensitive children.

‘Legacy’ was the next episode, where Ezra finally discovered what happened to his parents. This was nice for Ezra and wrapped up the story with his parents. Then we got to see Princess Leia! ‘A Princess on Lothal’ captured the attitude of Leia perfectly and was not only the first time we saw the iconic character but was the first Rebels review I ever did. ‘The Protector of Concord Dawn’ and ‘Legend of Lasat’ were both good episodes, although I was a little disappointed with the introduction of the Mandalorians. ‘Legend of Lasat’ was another strong episode for Zeb and added a lot to his character.

‘The Call’ and ‘Homecoming’ were strong episodes but felt a lot like filler, especially when we were all waiting to see the events from the season 2 trailer. ‘The Honorable Ones’ was an episode on paper, I thought would be OK but ended up loving it. It created a very interesting relationship between Zeb and Callus, had many cool easter eggs for big Star Wars fans and made Callus a relevant character again. We then got one of my favorite episodes of Rebels ever with ‘Shroud of Darkness’. Loved seeing Yoda again and the Grand Inquisitor. I thought this episode was the first step on the road to the great finale…

… Unfortunately after one of my favorites, we got the first episode ever of Rebels I didn’t like. ‘The Forgotten Droid’ was a episode I never wanted to see and that was a full Chopper episode. He’s a great character but not one that needs a whole episode. ‘The Mystery of Chopper Base’ got us back on track, with a surprisingly scary episode. The spider creatures were genuinely creepy and caused problems to the crew, that felt threatening.


That brings us to the big finale. I said in my review earlier today, ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ is my favorite episode of Rebels ever. It was everything we were all hoping for and more. Maul was amazing, Ahsoka vs Darth Vader was powerful and it changed the show forever. I liked The Clone Wars but what Dave Filoni is doing with Rebels, is far beyond anything him and George Lucas ever accomplished with Clone Wars.

Overall season 2 of Rebels was excellent. We got a lot of character building episodes, among really great stories. I feel like I know more about every character and have a real understanding of who they all are.  I don’t think I can say it was better than season 1 but it had the better episodes. Season 2 at times felt a little stretch out, due to the amount of episodes, compared to season 1 (which I thought was perfect). I don’t really have any major complaints about this season, it started strong, had a good middle and ended with pure perfection.

Top 5 Episodes

5. The Honorable Ones

4. The Mystery of Chopper Base

3. Always Two There Are

2. The Future of the Force

1. Shroud of Darkness

To mix it up a bit, I ruled out ‘The Siege of Lothal’ and ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’.


Now I want to look ahead at season 3 and make some predictions that will probably all turn out wrong. I’m almost certain we haven’t seen the last of Maul but what I’m not certain of is how much we’re going to see of him. I want him to be a main character but after how little we got of The Inquisitors and Ahsoka this season, I’m not sure anymore. I really want him to fight Darth Vader and maybe that’s where he’ll meet his demise. They hinted a lot at him taking on Ezra as an apprentice and that’s definitively a possibility.

I thought it was going to happen this season but after it didn’t I really think in season 3 we will see the death of Ahsoka Tano. She’s too powerful too still be alive during the original trilogy and not be known to anyone, so the only option is she has to die. Vader killing her, seems like the obvious route but I think they would have done that in the finale. I’m not sure how but Ahsoka is dying in season 3.

We’ve had a Leia episode, now it’s time to see Han Solo. With the Han Solo anthology film coming up and all the casting rumors, it makes sense to introduce the new Han Solo through Rebels. Lando is on the show, so you could have the first meeting of him and Solo.


Rebels is over for the time being and this will probably be my last post about Rebels until it returns. I’m going to Star Wars Celebration this year, so fingers crossed I get to see early footage of next season. I really enjoyed reviewing the show each week and hope you enjoyed my ramblings about Star Wars.