I love trailers and I don’t post about them nearly enough, so starting from today, I’m going to try to review as many trailers as possible, when they come out. The latest big trailer recently released, was the first full trailer for The BFG.

We got a little teaser for this new Spielberg film, towards the end of last year and now we have a full 2 and half minute trailer, that gives us a good look at the giants and the world we’re going to see. As a kid I was a huge fan of the original BFG book and animated film, I haven’t gone back to see if either of them hold up as an adult but the memories I do have of this story, lead me to believe this could be a magical experience for children and the grownups.

With the nostalgia and special place this story has in my childhood, I should be worried about a live action version of this classic story but when you have Steven Spielberg in the directors chair, I’ll always feel safe walking into the cinema. The fact this isn’t just a Spielberg produced film (because he produces 90% of Hollywood films) but he’s in full creative control, has made this one of my most anticipated films of the year and this trailer has only increased that excitement.

This trailer starts with what we saw in the teaser trailer. The creepy shot of The BFG reaching into the window and picking up Sophie. I love this scene. It feels like a classic Spielberg adventure film, with the perfect amount of edge and darkness, to keep parents and adults, interested in a story that’s primarily aimed at children. This scene also has a Hook feel to it, which is another Spielberg film I love. In fact,  I think this film is going to overall have a very similar tone to Hook and I’m hoping is going to have the magic, that film had too.


The big reveal is that we got a good look at the giants. The one scene of The BFG running around on the streets of London looked amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of that scene and how else The BFG is going to hide when traveling around the human world. The look of The BFG I think is great. As soon as I saw his shadowy figure running around, I was instantly transported back to reading the book and watching the animated film. Then you get a good look at his face and it was The BFG. He looked exactly like he did in the past and it put a huge smile on my face. I have no problem with the way he looked but the rest of giants, I’m not sold on.

The BFG is a very distinct character and very recognizable, this trailer captured that perfectly but the final scene with the other giants, looked very generic and pretty bad. These even bigger giants come in and they look like any other troll/giant, from The Hobbit films or the World of Warcraft trailer. They’re not memorable and I doubt will stick with you after seeing the film. There are two goofy looking giants either side of the main one and I’ve got a bad feeling they’re going to be the booger eating, gross characters to make the 5 year old’s laugh. These kind of characters always irritate me in children’s films because they’re not creative and usually horrible to watch on screen. I’m judging them on a 2 second clip, so I could be completely wrong and I really hope I am.

Overall tho I thoroughly enjoyed this trailer and I’m excited to see the full film. The BFG looks great and with Spielberg behind it, I’m confident we’ll be getting an extremely pleasant film and a magical experience for everyone.

Did you watch this trailer and are you excited for The BFG?