Yesterday I reviewed The BFG trailer, I said I wanted to do more trailer reviews and so the galaxy gave me a Star Wars trailer. It feels like we’ve been waiting ages for this trailer, after a lot of us thought we’d get one at the Super Bowl. It’s finally here and it’s awesome!

The trailer starts with Felicity Jones, who we now know is Jyn Erso, being escorted into a Rebel base wearing shackles. It seems the Rebels have chosen misfits and criminals, to steal the Death Star plans, similar to the Suicide Squad. We then see Mon Mothma! She tells us that Jyn has been on her own since 15. I wasn’t expecting to see Mon Mothma in the trailer and to be honest shes never been a character that I was desperate to see return to Star Wars, but it’s still cool to see a familiar face. I already love Jyn Erso. We see shes a badass, when she beats up and blows up some Stormtroopers. Her rebellious attitude would fit perfectly with the Rebels TV show, hopefully in season 3.

We know Rouge One is a war film and the next shot of Jyn in a vehicle looking out a window, looked liked something out of a war film, with her driving into a war zone. We then see an amazing shot of a Star Destroyer and The Death Star, Jyn and some rebels getting ready for battle and then my favorite shot of the trailer, Ben Mendelsohn in a white suit looking a lot like Admiral Thrawn. He doesn’t have blue skin but the outfit is very close to Thrawn. I would love this character to be Admiral Thrawn but if they’re just going to take inspiration from him and make their own character I’ll be happy with that too. Mendelsohn is a great actor and looked so menacing in this shot. He’s going to be a tremendous villain that I can’t wait to see (again, would be cool to see him on Rebels).

Then we get a shot of Forest Whitaker and he narrates the rest of the trailer. He looks great and his suit kinda looks robotic, so maybe he might have a helmet to go along with his suit. The Shadow Tropper that we saw in the preview yesterday is so cool and I’m so excited to see them in action. There are three Rebels in shackles, captured by Stormtroopers, one of them is bleeding and I think this is going to be a part of showing how ruthless the Empire is. Like I said, this is a war film and I think we’re going to see how brutal war, all over the galaxy really is.

Donnie Yen is a badass and the quick few seconds we saw of him with a normal sword, slapping around some Stormtroopers, makes me so excited to see some cool non-lightsaber hand to hand combat, that I thought we were going to get in TFA with The Raid guys. We see Mendelsohn again, walking into a wreckage I think was caused by an army led by Darth Vader. Then we see a hooded figure kneel down, with two Emperor’s Royal Guards either side of them. So either this person is going to see The Emperor or it is The Emperor. I don’t think it was Vader because he doesn’t wear a hood. Maybe it is The Emperor and he’s talking to Snoke (probably not). Whoever it is, it’s a cool shot and very intriguing.

I think we might have seen the last moments before Forrest Whitaker’s dies. When it reveals him sitting down, when he says the last two lines in his monologue, it sounds like he’s running out of breath and then the last line he’s sound very weak. It also sounds a bit like he’s being choked, so maybe he’s talking to Vader but I don’t think what he’s saying, he would say to Vader. We see some AT-AT shooting some folks and then Whitaker says “What will you become” over a shot of Jyn wear a TIE Fighter outfit. I don’t think this is indicating she’s going to join The Empire, I’m pretty sure it’s just a disguise to get the Death Star plans. The last shot of Jyn is really cool and I feel like with the lights coming on in that corridor, someone is going to face of with her… Darth Vader?

I loved this trailer. When I first watched it I felt a little disappointed because we didn’t see Vader or any fan service that got me really excited, but after watching it several times and remembering Rogue One is it’s own story, I really like it. The idea of a Suicide Squad like team, battling with The Empire and getting the Death Star plans, is exciting and all the new characters we saw look very interesting. This is my most anticipated film of the year and I’m so excited to see more in the Star Wars Universe.

What did you think of the trailer and who do you think is the hooded figure?