A new Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts trailer just dropped and on Tuesday the Doctor Strange trailer debuts… it’s a good time to be a nerd!

My earliest memory ever, is being 5 years old, standing in the cold, waiting to go see the first Harry Potter film with my parents, grandparents and two sisters. Ever since then I have been a film and Harry Potter fanatic. I have to admit tho, over the last few years with the lack of content, my passion for HP has died down and the MCU and Star Wars, has filled that hole. I’m really hoping Fantastic Beasts is going to jump-start that fandom and from the look of this trailer, it’s going to.

Eddie Redmayne blew up after The Theory of Everything and rightful so but then he did Jupiter Ascending and I’m in the minority but I didn’t like him in The Danish Girl either. So I’m not completely sold on him as an actor but I like what I see so far from this trailer. He has a weird, quirkiness to him that feels very natural and fits the Harry Potter world perfectly. His character Newt Scamander sounds very interesting, we learn he was kicked out of Hogwarts but Dumbledore (who isn’t the headmaster yet) argued against his expulsion. That could be a cool scene to see but I don’t think this film is going to take place at Hogwarts at all.

The trailer is narrated by Colin Farrell’s character Percivial Graves. I know nothing about the character but I do know Colin Farrell is an underrated actor and is going to bring a lot to this role. I have read the book this film is based on but from what I remember there wasn’t much to it. It was a really long time ago I read the book so I could be wrong but I don’t think Percivial Graves was ever mention or if he’s ever been mention in Harry Potter before. If anyone does know, let me know in the comments.

Newt’s suitcase is a main focus point in this trailer and is clearly going to be a integral part of the film. We see it has many useful purposes, my favorite being the Muggle Worthy setting Newt uses when it’s being checked. This is classic Harry Potter and classic J.K. Rowling (thank god she wrote this film). We also see Newt get inside the suitcase in a hilarious scene, I’m very intrigued to see what happens once you’re actually inside.

Magic is essential when it comes to the Wizarding World and this film is going to have a lot of magic. Apparition is one of my favorite ways magic was used in the Harry Potter series and in this trailer we might have seen the best usage of it yet. Newt jumps of a building and apparates in mid air! This moment made me cheer, with the same smile I had on my face when I saw the Millennium Falcon again in the first TFA trailer. There were a few other moments of magic I liked. Newt is making something with plants or herbs and you see a quick shot of him using some sort of magic to do something. We see a familiar shot of  two women changing a brick wall into a door. It’s very similar to Diagon Alley and was just another scene that made me smile.

The set designs in the Harry Potter series was incredible and Fantastic Beasts is following in those steps. New York looks amazing and the inside setting are beautiful. I’m not sure if it’s a train station or the American Ministry of Magic but there’s a shot of a bunch of men running down stairs and I had to pause it, to admire how outstanding it looked. When the music turns into Hedwig’s Theme, the nerd chills started and my head exploded thinking about all the incredible films coming out this year.

The first teaser trailer that came out for Fantastic Beasts, I liked but it didn’t make me feel like The Wizarding World was back. This one blew me away and reignited my Harry Potter obsession.

What did you think of the trailer and are you excited for this film?