Mr Right stars Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, Up in the Air), Sam Rockwell (Moon, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs), is directed by Paco Cabezas (Rage, Neon Flesh) and written by Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra).

Martha (Kendrick) just broke up with her boyfriend, when she meets what seems to be the perfect guy for her. Little does she know, he happens to be a hitman who kills the people who hire him.

I really wanted to like this film, I like everyone involved but it’s really messy. There could have been a good film here somewhere but a lot of the comedy falls flat and it can’t decided what kind of film it wants to be.

Sam Rockwell carries this film and is the only thing making it watchable. I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time now and he never fails to impress. He plays a killer assassin, who shouldn’t be likable but Rockwell has so much charisma and oozes confidence, to the point you believe everything he says and want to go with him on this crazy journey. Everything from the comedy, action and drama, Rockwell handles with perfection. This is one of my favorite characters of the year, it’s such a shame he’s in a terrible film. That’s pretty much everything positive I have to say about Mr. Right.


Max Landis burst onto the scene with Chronicle, which was a really original, fresh superhero film. Since then he hasn’t wrote anything else I’ve liked and Mr. Right is not a well written film. The characters are interesting but it jumps from an action film, to a comedy, to a drama, sometimes all in the same scene. Sam Rockwell’s character decided to start killing the people who hire him because he doesn’t believe in killing. When he describes this in the film, it’s a really interesting character moment, where I actually felt something for the character but then someone says something funny and the moment is lost. The film does this a lot, there are some funny scenes but then it gets serious and you never know how to feel.

I think this film could have been something really special if it was directed by Matthew Vaughn. At times it has a Kingsman vibe to it but lacks focus. The director Paco Cabezas doesn’t have the talent to make a film like this work. If you look at some of Matthew Vaughn’s work, it’s hard to pin it down in one genre but he can put those genres together and make a cohesive film. I’ve never seen any films Cabezas has directed before this one and I don’t want, as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t even know how to keep a viewer engage for a whole scene let alone 90 minutes.

I think Anna Kendrick is a very talented actress and she was trying in this film but I couldn’t get into this character at all. There are several times when she asks Sam Rockwell’s character what he was doing and he tells her he was killing someone. She thinks he was just joking but then never asks what he was actually doing. I couldn’t buy that she wouldn’t want to know what he was doing when he would randomly get up and leave for five minutes. Her and Rockwell had good chemistry but I never felt like Kendrick’s character was a real person and every time she was on screen alone, I just wanted to see what Rockwell was up to.


I guess the film is primarily a comedy, despite the fact it wants to be 500 different things and it’s not funny. There were a few laughs but they only come from Rockwell and that’s because he’s such a likable actor. Anna Kendrick isn’t funny in this film and theres a bunch of criminals who are far from humorous. The action at times is fun to watch but in some scenes it poorly edited and hard to see whats happening.

The cartel who is trying to kill Rockwell are awful. There’s a whole subplot with two brothers and one of them is trying to kill the other one, its completely pointless. The extra development of the villains, only took away from exploring Rockwell’s character, who was someone I surprisingly wanted to know more about.

In the end Mr.Right was not a good film. It’s very sloppy, poorly directed and is a big waste of an awesome character. It could have benefited with a better director but it would have to have been a very good one to bring this script together into an organized film.


Have you seen Mr.Right? If you have what did you think of it?