Orphan Black (with the exception of Game of Thrones) is my favorite current TV show and I couldn’t be more excited it’s back on. I discovered this show just when season 2 had ended and since then have watched all 3 seasons, 3 times and after this weeks episode I really want to go back and start from season 1 again.

This episode we got a flash back to the last days of Beth Child’s life and saw the final moments before her suicide, that started the whole show.

I don’t watch trailers for TV shows because I like to go into them not knowing anything that’s going to happen, I’ve been actively trying to avoid the Game of Thrones trailers. So I didn’t know what kind of episode we were getting and I had no idea the first episode back would be a prequel. Usually when shows have these kind of episode, I find myself getting frustrated and just wanting to see whats happening in present day, that was not the case here. From the word go I was locked into this episode and wasn’t bored once, despite not seeing Sarah until the very end. It may be because Tatiana Maslany plays pretty much everyone, so there wasn’t a lack of the main actress.

As this is my first Orphan Black review, I feel like I need to talk about Tatiana’s performance throughout the show and in this episode. Right now I don’t think there is an actor, male or female giving a better performance than Tatiana Maslany on television. She has proven on one show, she’s capable of playing any type of character. She is so good at disappearing into each role, that I forget it’s the same actress playing all of the clones. Her ability to have amazing chemistry and act with herself, is unbelievable and finally was recognized by the Emmy’s last year.


In this weeks episode she went back to an old character from season one and made her separate from the others again. Beth and Sarah don’t have distinct looks from one another, so I imagine it’s always been the hardest to distinguish the two of them but Maslany made Beth her own character this week and I was genuinely interested in watching Beth, despite knowing where it was going. She also played a new clone, M.K. Again Maslany made a new character standout as a separate individual, even though she has the same face as half the cast. M.K. was a tough, brave clone, yet still fragile and vulnerable. I think she’s going to be an interesting new member of clone club and I’m excited to see where she goes from here.

We knew Art had feelings for Beth but what we never knew was Beth maybe did too. Kevin Hanchard and Tatiana have great chemistry and it was nice to see them together again, working on a case (and this time it actually was Beth and Art). Also apparently Art put on a lot of weight just before the start of season 1 because Kevin Hanchard has definitely lost some in between seasons.


Beth wasn’t the only deceased character who returned this week. Dr Leekie was one of my favorite characters on the show and despite his death being hilarious, I was upset to see him leave the show. We got him back, if only for this episode and the scenes he had were great. We also went back into the police station and saw good old Raj still being used by Beth. I’m not to sure where they’re going with the spy character because he wasn’t in season 1 but was definitely aware of Beth. There was much time left in Beth’s life, so I don’t think we’re going back in time again but I’m sure there will be a reason we never saw this new spy before.

I only have one small complaint about the episode and that was, at times they tried to use the score to manipulate your feelings about a scene, instead of letting the actors convey the emotion.

This was an amazing first episode back for Orphan Black and seems like the first steps towards another outstanding season. Tatiana was perfect as usual and I’m very intrigued to see how the Neolutionists play back into the present day story.

Are you watching Orphan Black and if so, what did you think about the first episode back?