Unfortunately The Huntsman: Winter’s War comes out this week but fortunately it stars one of my favorite actresses Emily Blunt. So I’m going to count down my top ten films of hers.


Sunshine Cleaning (2008)o2ZmWvRFnqNURvf9NC5FkrUdSQu

Kicking off the list is a film that isn’t perfect but is very enjoyable, with some really great performances. Emily Blunt and Amy Adams are really good in this film but like every film he’s in Alan Arkin steals the show, with his excellent performance. Sunshine Cleaning is a fun little film, with a lot of heart.


Into the Woods (2014)The-Bakers-Wife-in-Into-the-Woods

I love musicals. Into the Woods is nowhere near on the level of the classics, with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly but it has some catchy songs and likeable characters. You have to admire the live performances they were capable of capturing and the film if anything is interesting to look at. I didn’t love Into the Woods but I enjoyed it enough to put it on my top ten list.


Sicario (2015)115760_original

I know a lot of people would have this film higher on the list but I was slightly disappointed with Sicario. It’s beautifully shot and I loved all the performance but for me it turned into something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve seen the film a couple of times now because despite not loving it like some people, I’m fascinated by these characters and anything Roger Deakins shoots is amazing to watch.


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011)Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a film I got surprisingly, really wrapped up in. It’s very predictable and by 20 minutes in, I guessed the whole film but the characters were really likable and Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor are two very watchable actors. I liked the characters enough that I could look past the obvious cliches and familiar plot lines and just enjoy the story.


The Adjustment Bureau (2011)the_adjustment_bureau_emily_blunt_matt_damon

I love this film. It took me a really long time to finally watch this film because from the trailers and everything I had heard about it, it didn’t sound like something I would like. It turns out, I was enthralled from start to finish. I love films when you discover what’s happening as the characters discover the mystery. As long as it’s on purpose, I like being confused in a film, then putting all the pieces together at the end. Blunt is great in this role and had nice chemistry with Matt Damon, that I’d like to see revisited.


The Young Victoria (2009)MCDYOVI EC023

This historical drama could have been a very wordy, boring, history lesson but through outstanding performances and a very human story, what we actually got was a touching romance tale. This is one of Blunt’s best performances, Victoria is a strong, interesting character and allowed Blunt to showcase all her talent. I’m a big fan of Rupert Friend and he gives a great performance here too. If you like these kind of films and you haven’t seen The Young Victoria, you really should!


The Devil Wears Prada (2006)549a6ce3bd67c_-_hbz-emily-blunt-promo (1)

As a 20 year old male, I shouldn’t love a female driven, fashion film like The Devil Wears Prada as much as I do but I’m not going to lie to ya, I really enjoy this film. This was the first time a lot of people saw Emily Blunt and she made an impression. She’s hilarious in this film and I would imagine this was one of her funniest roles to play. Meryl Streep is fantastic, Anne Hathaway carries the film well but one of my favorite actors Stanley Tucci, steals this film for me. He is really funny and when he doesn’t get the job, I genuinely felt really bad for him. This is a really fun film and a different, unique role for Blunt. 


My Summer of Love (2004)maxresdefault

There’s always at least one film I haven’t seen before I do these lists and this week I hadn’t even heard of My Summer of Love. Well I watched it and I can happily say, it’s an outstanding film. It’s a love budget romantic drama and is very powerful. Emily Blunt and the other lead actress, Natalie Press give incredible performances and they have great chemistry. It’s a very early role for Blunt but I don’t think she’s topped this one yet. It’s a very simple story but has deep characters and the more you delve into the plot, the more fascinating the film becomes.


Edge of Tomorrow (2014)ALL YOU NEED IS KILL

After several name changes, a poor box office performance but a huge cult following after it was released on Blu-Ray/DVD, we can now look back at Edge of Tomorrow as the masterpiece it is. We had seen all the elements of this film done before but never had we seen them all together in one film, making it a unique experience, yet familiar. Tom Cruise always gives 100% and he’s excellent but a lot of people were talking about how badass Emily Blunt was and her future as a big action star. We had seen her in action films before but in Edge of Tomorrow she was the action hero and she kicked ass. There’s still a lot of people out there who haven’t seen this film and if you’re one of them, watch it now!


Looper (2012)20225519

If you’re wondering why Rian Johnson got the job as director of Star Wars Episode 8, it was because of this perfect Sci-Fi, instant classic. From the opening shot I was hooked into this film and I didn’t drop out of it till the end. Good Sci-Fi stories should be thought provoking and make you think about the future, well for months after watching Looper I was still wondering if I would want to be a looper and if I could shoot myself. This film affected me personally and stuck with me for a long time. Joseph Gordon Levitt is outstanding and if anything, Looper gave us a super rare, good Bruce Willis performance. Blunt was good aswell but her child in the film played by Pierce Gagnon blew me away. An enthralling story, great performances and a powerful ending.


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