A lot of news comes out every week and I don’t have the time to post about every story. So I’m going to start a new series, twice a week, about all the film news that I find interesting.

The Magnificent Seven Teaser Trailer 

The original Magnificent Seven is a classic western but it’s an old film and unless your a huge film buff (like me), the younger generation probably knows nothing about this film. Denzel Washington;Chris PrattSo I was fine with them remaking this film and when the cast and director were
announced I was sold. This trailer looked really great. It was a lot of fun, they setup the classic story, with a whole new set of amazing actors. Denzel Washington looks awesome, Chris Pratt is a star and with  Antoine Fuqua directing we should be getting a really solid film.

I didn’t watch the trailers for Jason Bourne or A Girl on a Train because I’m really excited to see those films and I’d rather go in blind, then know the majority of the story.


Jurassic World 2 Director Announced 1328589-juan-antonio-bayona-attends-the-950x0-1

Universal announced on Twitter that JA Bayona will be directing the Jurassic World sequel and gave the release date of 22 June 2018. Bayona directed the 2012 film The Impossible and The Orphanage. I didn’t really like Jurassic World and I’m not excited for the second one. A new director doesn’t change that because I like Colin Trevorrow who directed the first one. The Impossible is an incredible, powerful film but unless they’ve got a much better script, this piece of news doesn’t change my opinion on the new film.


Willem Dafoe JWillem_Dafoeoins Justice League 

The Hollywood Reporter, reported on Tuesday that Willem Dafoe would be joining The Justice League film that’s set to come out in 2017 and then part 2 in 2019, as one of the good guys. That now makes two former Spider-Man actors in the film, after J.K. Simmons was cast as Commissioner Gordon. Dafoe is a great actor and often plays villains, so it will be interesting to see what they do with him. Personally I would rather see him play a bad guy because he’s proven in the past that he’s incredible at being evil and his face alone is scary!


Tim Miller Confirmed for Deadpool 2 

Deadpool would have never worked without the creative team behind it, that didn’t hold back and took huge risks.Well Fox confirmed Tim Miller, who directed the first Deadpool, will be returning for the sequel.tim-miller
This is news that was pretty much already out there, but now the studio has guaranteed it’s happening. Tim Miller needed to come back so we wouldn’t loose the hilarious tone and awesome style, he brought to the first one. I’m thrilled he’s back and can’t wait to see the film.


First Image of Elizabeth Banks in Power Rangers 

I never got into the Power Rangers and I have no idea who this character is but I really like this new image. I can’t say I’m excited to see this new Power Rangers film but I’m intrigued to see Elizabeth Banks as a villain. She’s a really good actress and she looks cool in this picture. I’ve seen pictures of the original version of the character and she looks completely different. I know fans don’t like the huge change in her looks but for me she looks a lot better than what I’ve seen from the previous iteration.



Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Rumored to be in the Jumanji Remake

The last story I want to talk about comes from Variety, who reported on Friday last weekDwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are going to star in the Jumanji remake. I love Jumanji and I’m not completely against a remake but I’m not sure how I feel about these two as the leads. I like both actors but I want to see their film Central Intelligence coming out later this year, before I decided if I like them as a pairing. Jake Kasdan’s (whos directing) previous work is horrible, so I’m not expecting much from this remake.


Whats your thoughts on any of these topics?