Just like last week, I’m going to be discussing all the spoilers from Game of Thrones this week, so if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read on!

This was a jam-packed episode, with a lot of varied scenes. I laughed, cheered and felt physically sick, all within 1 hour but that’s what Game of Thrones is all about and it’s why we love the show.

This week started with Bran so I will too. We didn’t see him at all last year and boy did he get old, Issac Hempstead Wright looked like a completely different actor. I’m happy we didn’t see him because now we get to see an adult go through this training, instead of the annoying little boy, we had seen before. It was only a short scene but we’ve still got a lot more to see with Bran and what we did get was pretty cool. Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark made her first appearance on the show and although I’m not a book reader, I know the theories about her and I definitely think, Lyanna being in this episode means we’re going to see that theory play out, maybe this season. We also learn that Hodor wasn’t always Hodor! The origin of Hodor is probably a sad one and a story we’re probably going to see very soon. I really liked the Bran scenes we got this week and I can’t wait to see more.


I’ve already seen some backlash against what happened with Ramsay this week and I don’t understand why. Since the beginning of this show, violent, disturbing and horrible things have happened, six seasons in I would have thought people know what they’re getting into by now. As soon as Ramsay goes to find the baby, I started to get really tense. You knew this wasn’t going to end well and by the end, I had a sick to my stomach feeling and my hatred for Ramsay hit a whole new level. That to me is the point of everything he does. Before Ramsay, we had to deal with Joffrey and because of all the horrible things he did, when he finally died there was nothing more satisfying in the world. When Ramsay also meets his end, we’re think back on these terrible acts and his demise will be glorious. One of the most successful aspect of the show was the Joffrey character, so I’m not surprised they’re doing it again.

I think my favorite part of this episode was Tyrion. He’s the most enjoyable character to watch and his scenes this week were outstanding. Every line that comes out of his mouth is so perfectly written and endlessly quotable. Everyone loves the dragons and this was one of the best scenes we’ve ever seen of them. One of my favorite scenes of last season was seeing Tyrion and Daenerys first interact and now seeing Tyrion’s first interaction with the two dragons, will probably be one of the best scenes this season. The way this whole scenario was setup was brilliant. The darkness, Tyrion’s little torch and then the two dragons appearing, gave me chills. This was some of the best CGI we’ve seen for the dragons and another classic Tyrion moment.

Theon is one of the most complicated characters on the show. I hated him for so long, then five minutes with Ramsay and I liked him but then when he tells Sansa all the bad things he’s done, I remembered he was an asshole. Game of Thrones is the best at making it’s viewers have an inner conflict with themselves, about who they like and don’t like. Alfie Allen did a really good job with his scenes this week and deserves a lot more credit than he gets for his performance as Theon.

We took a visit to Theon’s homeland, The Iron Islands last night and I thought it was really cool. We had another death. That would be Balon Greyjoy and by the hand of his brother Euron Greyjoy. This reminded me of a very pivotal scene in The Force Awakens and had the same very contrived feeling to it. I love the scenery on The Iron Islands and this death scene was one of the coolest looking deaths in a long time. As a non-book reader I don’t now a great deal about the Greyjoy’s and have know idea who Euron is but I’m looking forward to finding out.

I saved Jon Snow for last because this is were I may have a problem with this episode. I love that Jon Snow is alive (although everyone knew he was) but I’m worried that his death won’t mean much and will end up being pointless. I always worried this when he died last season and with Melisandre bringing him back, it seems he’s not going to be any different. With the evolution of Television in the last ten years, pointless cliffhangers are no longer needed. Audiences come back to shows because of smart writing, great characters and a story we’re invested in. With all that said, Jon’s been alive for 2 seconds and we still don’t know what he’s going to be like, so I could be completely wrong.


As for the resurrection scene itself, I thought it was excellent. I was still hoping for the White Walker theory, so even whilst the scene was happening, I couldn’t decide if it was going to work or not. The scene was directed really well, with it jumping around to everyone’s faces, creating so much tension until he finally awoke. I love that freaking Dire Wolf and Ghost and Jon Snow taking back the Nights Watch is something I can’t wait to see.

What’s your thoughts about this weeks Game of Thrones and what did you think about the return of Jon Snow?

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