Not much coming out this week as Civil War opened last weekend here in the UK, so I thought I would countdown my 10 favorite current actors. I’ve only included actors who are putting out good performances frequently and currently. For example, my favorite actor of all time is De Niro but he’s had so few good performances over the last ten years, I left him of the list.



First up on the list is an actor who gets made fun of a lot for bruting and being very quiet in his roles but I think Gosling is one of the most powerful actors on screen. My favorite performance of his is in, Lars and the Real Girl, where he plays that character so seriously and adds so much emotion to a guy and film that should be very silly.


Tom Cruise                                                                                                                                              85162ce40f2cbd0f3125fa484902af4c-970-80

There’s no other actor on the planet who takes his job as serious as Tom Cruise. He puts everything into each role and it shows in all his films. He may not always choose the best films but you can’t deny his passion and commitment.


Tom Hanks                                                                                                                                                                      9278

Maybe if I was making this list 5 or 6 years ago, Tom Hanks would be number 1 but in recent years he hasn’t had incredible performances, on the same level as the ones in the 90s (except Captain Phillips). But I’ve still never seen a bad Hanks performance… unless you’re talking about Colin!


Mads Mikkelsen                                                                                                                                    STtiff04_1347297900

Mads Mikkelsen is the most underrated actor on this list. If you haven’t seen the film The Hunt, do yourself a favor and watch it. Mikkelsen has been putting in solid performances for years and hopefully he will finally get some mainstream appeal with Doctor Strange and Rogue One, at the end of the year.


Matthew McConaughey                                                                                                                     3sQIZh9H

The McConaissance was legit back in 2013 and McConaughey announced himself to the world…. despite being around for ages. McConaughey was choosing some horrible roles in the 2000s but over the last few years, he’s proven that he is an awesome actor. He conquered Television, won an Oscar and almost stole The Wolf of Wall Street from DiCaprio


Tom Hardy                                                                                                                                                                      how-tom-hardy-went-from-an-unknown-actor-struggling-with-addiction-to-an-oscar-nominee

I’ve never seen a good or bad performance from Tom Hardy, only perfection! From Bane, to The Krays, to Mad Max himself, Hardy always brings something new to everything he does. I feel like he’s going to become the new Leo, always trying to get an Oscar and probably should have already won several times.


Michael Fassbender                                                                                                                                                    michael_fassbender_2_-_h_2015

Fassbender is another guy, where it’s only a matter of time before he has at least a couple of Oscars on his mantle. He really gets overlooked in his role as Magneto, in the X-Men franchise but every time I watch First Class, I get emotional when he’s trying to move the satellite, purely because of how much he emote in that scene.  


Jake Gyllenhaal                                                                                                                                         640_jake_gyllenhaal_481438412

I like Jake Gyllenhaal but it wasn’t until I saw him in Nightcrawler, that I realised he was one of the greatest actors working. He completely disappeared in that role and went to a dark place I had no idea he was capable of. He’s put in really solid performances as well in films like Source Code and Prisoners. Like McConaughey, he’s been around for a long time but I think he’s just now coming into his own, as one of the best.


Leonardo DiCaprio                                                                                                                                                leonardo-dicaprio-east-los-angeles-oscar

Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo DiCaprio! Nuff said.


Christian Bale                                                                                                                                              16-christian-bale.w529.h529

Talk about actors disappearing, Christian Bale may be the best. He started as a young boy in a really great Spielberg film and hasn’t stopped working since. Maybe he’s a little crazy but who doesn’t love shouting “OH GOOD FOR YOU” at random people on the street. Batman, Dickie Eklund, Alfred Borden the list goes on and on but the one character that I love more than any of the others, is Patrick Bateman. I’d say about 67% of my everyday conversation is filled with quotes from American Psycho. I love annoying people with Monologues about Business cards, Huey Lewis and the News or about how I simply am not there. Anyway I have to return some videotapes….


Honorable Mentions 

Denzel Washington

Sam Rockwell

Michael B Jordan

Benicio Del Toro  

Bradley Cooper

Kevin Spacey


Next Week – Top Ten George Clooney Films

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