Last week I did a spoiler free review, now it’s time to delve into all the spoilers in Captain America: Civil War. If you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want it spoiled you can read my spoiler free review here. But from here on out I’m not holding back with spoilers, so you’ve been warned SPOILER ALERT!!

Civil War started with an amazing action scene, that was also a very pivotal moment in the story. I don’t want to get to much into comparing the two film because I like both of them but I can’t look past the obvious similarities between this film and Batman V Superman. In this first action scene, Scarlet Witch accidentally blows up a building and kills many innocent civilians, this then acts as a jumping point that starts the Civil War. The scene in Africa, in Batman V Superman was supposed to act in the same way but didn’t really make sense and had no emotional impact. As much as I liked BVS, Civil War highlighted the weak storytelling and the lack of a strong storyteller, like the Russo Brothers. This first fight scene in Nigeria, was extremely powerful and masterfully put together by the Russo’s

Probably the most anticipated character during the hype for this film, was the new iteration of Spider-Man. Personally I’ve liked some of the previous Spider-Man films but I don’t think they’ve ever completely perfected the character. It’s hard to say Marvel have finally done that but if next years standalone film, Spider-Man: Homecoming follows the same path Civil War took, we’re going to see the greatest Spider-Man film ever made. Tom Holland was tremendous in this role and for the first time, I brought into Spider-Man as a cocky, sarcastic, high school kid and not a full grown man. His interactions with the Avengers was excellent and the way they played the age gap, was very funny.

The other big, new character debuting in the MCU is Black Panther. This guy is so cool. His suit (which is made out of Vibranium) is sleek, majestic and lets be honest, he’s the coolest panther we’ve seen on screen this year…. sorry Bagheera. The motivation behind everything we see in this film, is fleshed out and explained fully. Black Panther is no exception to this because you see his point of view and understand why he wants to kill Bucky. In my non-spoiler review, I praised the film for never painting one side of the war as villains and Black Panther added to the films ambiguity.


I think we were all in agreement that Vision was amazing in Age of Ultron but in Civil War I really struggled to take him seriously. I thought he was great in the film but there’s something hilarious about Vision in a jumper. Maybe it was just me but every time he came on screen with his purple head sticking out of that V neck sweater, I was in hysterics. He has a fascinating relationship with Scarlet Witch in this film and when she uses her powers to drag him through the floor, it’s a really powerful moment. Scarlet Witch was another standout in this film and it was partially because Elizabeth Olsen gave a much improve performance from Age of Ultron. They toned down on the awful Russian accent and the character was given a lot more depth, giving Olsen a lot more to work with.


Whenever I’ve talked to anyone about this film, the first thing they bring up is the airport scene. I believe this is the greatest action scene in any film ever. When the two teams come together and collide, it is glorious. Everyone get’s their chance to shine but no one shine brighter than the rest. They don’t hold back with this set piece, Scarlet Witch is throwing cars around, Spidey is swinging all over the place and HOLY SHIT, FUCKING GIANT MAN!! I had no idea this was coming and when it did my jaw dropped. I said in my previous review Ant-Man stole the whole film for me and it was because of scenes like this. His interactions with the rest of the Avengers is priceless. His first meeting with Cap, when he called Hawkeye Arrow Guy and seeing Giant Man on the big screen was mind blowing. There was so much in this airport fight and with so much going on, I probably missed some of it.

Once the big fight was over we got a much more personal and aggressive fight. Hawkeye and Black Widow make a joke in the airport about pulling punches but when Tony finds out Bucky killed his parents, things start to get a lot more serious. I flipped sides constantly throughout this film and after this reveal, I flipped over to Tony’s side immediately. I find it really hard to like Bucky anyway and seeing how brutally he killed the Starks,  I wanted Tony to kill him. This final fight between the three of them is so aggressive, so perfectly choreographed and full of emotion.

There are two end credit scenes and I really like both of them. The first one is at Black Panthers home country Wakanda, where Bucky is going back under because he knows he can’t control his own action. This scene was really well done and setup the possibility of Bucky being in the Black Panther film in 2018. The second one was again, really well played out. We see Spider-Man has a device on his wrist, that projects the Spider-Man logo onto the ceiling. It probably came from Tony and now with the news that Robert Downey Jr. is going to be in Spider-Man: Homecoming, I can’t wait to see this film.

The more I think about Captain America: Civil War, the more I love it. I still think Zemo was a lame and pointless villain but other than that it’s a pretty flawless film!

What are your thought on Civil War and feel free to discuss any spoilers in the comment below?

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