Alden Ehrenreich cast as young Han Solo

The Wrap are reporting “Hail Caesar!” star Alden Ehrenreich has been cast as the young Han Solo in Alden Ehrenreichthe standalone Han Solo film in 2018. I haven’t seen Hail Caesar yet but I’ve heard a lot, that Ehrenreich is one of the best parts in the film. So I have no problem with him being cast, I just have a lot of problems with this film being made in general. First of all, Han Solo is such an iconic character and is so well known because of Harrison Fords performance, I find it hard to see any other actor in that role. I also think the idea of a young Han Solo film is pointless. I don’t need to see the origin of Han Solo, he awesome in the original trilogy and Force Awakens, leave the character alone. It’s been rumored that he will make an appearance in Rogue One and I’m 100% against that idea. From everything I know, Rogue One is going to take place very close to A New Hope and I don’t want to see a different actor playing Han, days before we were first introduced to him. All that said, I’ll be squealing like a school girl when the first trailer comes out.

The Flash Director drops out of 2018 film

The Hollywood Reporter, announced the 2018 film The Flash has lost it’s director, due to creative differences. The fact that Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, has left The Flash hasn’t upset me one bit. It’s not that he couldn’t ever direct a good film but based of his previous work and his creative mind, his track record isn’t very good. Hopefully now they get a really solid director, who has proven he can make a good film and I’ll be much more comfortable going into The Flash. As far as people saying “this is a sign that DC are falling apart”, I think that’s nonsense. Directors change all the time and a film can still turn out fantastic.


Michael Fassbender in talks to star in Entering Hades 


Variety are reporting that, Michael Fassbender is in talks to play a serial killer in the upcoming film “Entering Hades”. This is based of a book by the same name and although I am completely unaware of the book, I’m super excited to see Fassbender in this kind of role. He’s one of the best actors working today and to see him play a crazy killer, could be fascinating. This sounds like his version of, American Psycho or Nightcrawler, two film that I love mainly for the lead performances and would love to see a psychotic, disturbed Michael Fassbender.

First look at the Power Rangers film 

I liked the first image of Elizabeth Banks as the villain, we saw a couple of weeks ago but this one… not so much. I don’t care at all about the Power Rangers, I never watched the show and I don’t think it’s something you can revisit now and it still work. This image isn’t bad, I just don’t care and this does nothing to make me excited in any way.



Slender Man film 

150220_wn_muir0_16x9_992The last piece of news I want to discuss today is a Slender Man film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a film is in the works based on the horror meme Slender Man and all I have to say is WHY? Three years ago maybe but this is an old meme (which was stupid anyway) and know one cares about Slender Man anymore. This and the Angry Birds Movie, are way to late, to cash in on something that came and went a long time ago.

What’s your thoughts on any of the topics this week?

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