I didn’t get around to reviewing the last couple of episodes but I can tell you, I have loved what Orphan Black is doing this season. The reintroduction of the neolutionist has been great,  the Hendrix family is hilarious and I’m so happy Ferdinand is sticking around after last season. I’m going to try to review every episode, as this is one of my favorite shows on right now but if I miss any I’m going to do a full season review, when season 4 wraps up.

This week Sarah is desperately trying to remove the worm in her cheek, even seeking the help of Ferdinand and letting Dizzy in on some big secrets. Also Alison and Donny are pulled back into the clone conspiracy, along with Felix.

Orphan Black continues to be one of the best shows on television and one of the most criminally underrated. It’s impossible to find a show more fast paced, attention grabbing yet still focused and able to create complex, developed characters. This season, is adding every week something new and taking big leaps in the story but never forgetting to dial that all back and letting are favorite characters have fun. This week made me laugh, made me think and made me get a little emotional.

I love all the clones on this show but my favorite will always be Sarah. Her love for Kira and the rest of her family, her determination and strength, is so admirable. She never second guesses herself or sits on the fence not knowing what to do. This week showed that, when she trusted Ferdinand and revealed the clones to Dizzy, so she could get what she need. She made brash decisions, didn’t think about the consequences and maybe that will come back to bite her but you can’t help but admire her decisiveness and want to see Sarah succeed.


Speaking of Ferdinand, MK revealed some more of his shady past this week. Ferdinand is a character I was hoping to see a lot more of this season, after his incredible baseball bat scene, in Season 3. Well we got more and I was going to be genuinely upset if he died in this episode. MK revealed she is a survivor of Helsinki and that her ultimate goal was to kill the people responsible for the tragic event. These final scenes with her, in Beth’s house were really powerful and I was going to complement both actress, for doing a great job but them I remembered almost everyone is Tatiana! Seriously, I feel like I’m going to be mentioning her incredible performance every week but it still baffles me, how amazing she is.

More emotional scenes this week from Tatiana Maslany but this time they came in the form of Rachel. The character of Rachel has always been a very interesting one and someone who is very complicated. She reminds me of many characters from Game of Thrones (especially Cersei) because you never know how to feel about her. Just when you start to empathize with her, she’ll do something evil and you’ll have conflicting thoughts. I got to think, her and Charlotte will get away from Susan but the decision to essentially kill Charlotte was pretty unforgivable.

Ferdinand offered some comedic relief this week but nothing can compare to Allison and Donnie. Several times every episode these two have me crying with laughter and this week was no different. Everything from gay Donnie, Allison’s acting and her giving Donnie some help on the phone, was hysterical. If Breaking Bad can make a successful spinoff, then The Hendrix sitcom needs to happen.


Helena is another one who usually brings a lot of levity to a very intense show but her development this week, was actually rather sad. She leaving the Hendrix household and knowing Helena, she’s probably going to be captured by someone. She’s never been someone who fits in and Tatiana really brought out the lost aura surrounding her, in her performance in her final scene of the episode. Helena is unstable and her walking around pregnant, isn’t going to be good for anyone.

My main issue with this season so far, has been the direction they have taken Cosima and that being she doesn’t really have one. Since the ‘death’ of Delphine, the writes don’t seem to have anything for her to do and she’s been relegated to sitting in a basement, making crazy science with Scott. I’d like her to have more of a story but as I don’t think Delphine is really dead, when she comes back, I’m sure Cosima will get the much deserved screen time.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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