Spoilers Ahead!!

This weeks Game of Thrones was a mixed bag for me. There were developments that left me really worried and other that made me giddy with joy. It was a bit of a slower week but after 2 jam-packed episodes, I can accept a reduced pace. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot happening and tons to discuss.

Jon Snow and the wall bookended the episode and it was by far the most interesting developments of the week. I said last week I was unsure about how I felt towards the Jon Snow storyline. I was nervous that everything would go back to normal and his death was pointless… well I was wrong. His watch has ended and he can go kill Ramsey! This last scene was outstanding, never before have I ever wanted a child to be hung but Game of Thrones somehow made me feel that way. Jon is a badass and he’s going to be amazing, now he’s left the wall. Also, Davos is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine on the show and his line to Jon, “Now go fail again” was excellent, hopeful he joins Jon and becomes his new adviser.


Elsewhere in the North, Ramsey has acquired a new Stark. Honestly, I had completely forgotten Rickon existed and I don’t think he is going to for much longer. I dread to think what Ramsey is going to do to poor Rickon, it’s not going to be pleasant. He may do nothing and just use him to lure in Jon but I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts throwing Rickon’s body parts at Jon during battle. I’m not happy another Dire Wolf is dead, please no more wolves need to die. The guy that brought Rickon and Osha to Ramsey was awesome, that guy needs to stick around.

We spent a fair amount of time in King’s Landing this week and for the most part it was enjoyable. The scene with Tommen and the High Sparrow I liked the most. This stupid kid is beyond pathetic. I honestly thought for a moment he was going to join the Sparrows, he’s that easily manipulated. I’m finding the Sparrow storyline a bit tiring and just want to see The Mountain demolish them.

Anton Lesser plays Qyburn and he’s doing a great job at being the creepiest man on television. He’s giving Vary’s spies sweets and I was expecting him to take them to the white van parked outside. I don’t like that we now know who Vary’s spies are, I liked not having any idea and Varys just knowing everything. Also I don’t think those kids could know everything that’s happening in King’s Landing, there has to be more of them, right?

The Cersei and Jamie scenes were fine. She still has no control and nobodies respect her but I feel like were plodding along and probably not till the end of this season, is Cersei going to take back King’s Landing from the Sparrows. The last thing in King’s Landing I want to discuss, is Margaery. She was one of my favorites last season and her back and forth with Cersei, was some of the best exchanges in season 5. I don’t think we’re going to see much of her until the Sparrows have been defeated and I think that will be a while still. Also as far as characters being missing, where the hell is Baelish!?

Across the Narrow Sea now and there were some amazing scenes. Peter Dinklage is the most magnetic actor on the show and just him talking is enough for me. He has a really funny scene with Grey Worm and Missandei, the call back to his drinking game from a previous season, was much appreciated. If Tyrion is the most acknowledge, brilliant actor on the show, then Conleth Hill is the most overlooked. He’s fantastic as Vary and was straight up intimidating, when questioning the prostitute involved with the Sons of Harpy. We’ve seen him go to this scary place before, like when he had that guy in a box and this week he had one of the best scenes of the episode.


I’m one of the very few people who loved the Arya Stark story last season. It was slow but felt very different from everything else and I was constantly engaged because I wanted to work out what was happening. Her training montage was a huge step in her arc and I think a lot more fans, are going to get back into her storyline. For me I’ve liked the Faceless Men story from the beginning and this just made me love it even more. I can’t wait to see a ninja Arya kicking ass in Westeros.

So the Bran flashback, I really liked but it made me very worried. Props to Casting Director, Nina Gold for her excellent casting of a teenage Cersei last season and now young Ned Stark. Also the stunt team was great this episode, in choreographing that fight scene, tremendous work. We saw the Tower of Joy and just when we thought we were getting the along awaited reveal, the flashback ended. I loved this flashback scene, until Bran called to Ned and he turned around. Huge warning alarm went of in my head and I got really nervous about the possibility of Bran changing the timeline. I don’t think the writers would go down a weird time travel path but we know from countless media, changing the past leads to huge plot holes and confusion. If Bran managed to go back and stop Jamie from pushing him out the window or something along those lines, it would be astronomically terrible for the show.


Side note, as a fellow member of House Reed, it was a proud moment, to see Howland Reed fighting side by side with Ned, until he turned into a bitch and stabbed the Kingsguard in the back. I was seriously shocked to see that Ned wasn’t the great warrior, we were told he was. I’m sure there’s going to be lots more twist in these flashbacks, one big one in particular…

Daenerys is one of the best and most popular characters on the show but her story seems to be getting slower and slower. If her Dragons or Daario and Jorah, are going to rescue her can we do it already. It feels like to me, they need to waste some time with Daenerys because Westeros isn’t ready for her arrival yet. It’s felt like that, pretty much since season 2 but right now this is the first time I’m bored of Daenerys.

Overall this was a solid episode and with the incredible final scene, I can’t wait to see where we’re going next. What did you think of this weeks Game of Thrones?

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