Michael B. Jordan cast in Black Panthermichael b jordon

The Hollywood Reporter announced Michael B. Jordan has joined the cast of Black Panther
and will be re-teaming with director Ryan Coogler. How can you not love this news. Michael B. Jordan is an incredible actor and he’s done his best work under Coogler. THR are also reporting that he may be playing the villain and that would be a fascinating choice and would allow Jordan to play something we’ve never seen from him. Lupita Nyong’o is also in talks to be staring in the film and with all this casting news, Black Panther is becoming one of the most interesting Marvel films in the works.


Wolverine 3 confirmed to be rated R Wolverine-Blood

Producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that the new Wolverine film is going to be Rated-R. ‘The Wolverine’ released in 2013, I thought was a solid film but the R-Rated version available on Blu-Ray, really added to the experience. Wolverine is a character that’s meant to be violent and I think we’re going to see the truest adaptation of him in this new film. Patrick Stewart has just been confirmed to be in the film as well and just like Black Panther I can’t wait to see this film. This is also another reason to be thankful for Deadpool because the success of that R-Rated comic book film definitely played a huge role in getting this version of Wolverine made.


Andre the Giant Biopic Andre-The-Giant

So there’s going to be an Andre the Giant biopic. I used to be a huge wrestling fan but over the last couple of years it’s lost my interest. I wasn’t even alive when Andre was in his prime but as a wrestling fan, I’m more than familiar with his work and what he meant to the wrestling industry. There is an incredible story to be told with Andre the Giant and I’d be all in on seeing it, my only hesitation would be how do you cast him? He wasn’t called the Giant for no reason, the guy was huge and to find someone of that size, with acting talent to play him is going to be difficult. John C. Reilly is a name I’ve heard thrown around and I think that would be fantastic, as long as you have a director who can use effects and camera tricks to really make it work.


Jack Black joins Jumanji jack-black

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took to his Instagram to confirm that Jack Black has joined the Jumanji remake. There still working on getting Kevin Hart and Johnson said that some ladies are going to be announced soon. I’m coming around on this remake more and more every week and the edition of Jack Black doesn’t nothing but add to my enthusiasm. He’s a great actor and works really well in these kinds of role. Goosebumbs wasn’t the best film ever but he was good in his role and I’m sure will play well with The Rock.


Simon Kinberg talks Fantastic Four 2 

The final story comes again from producer Simon Kinberg. Kinberg recently said in an interview with Den of Geek, he would like to try again with a Fantastic Four film but make it brighter and funner. I have conflicting feelings about Kinberg’s comments. On one hand I think Fox has failed too many times with the FF and they should sell it back to Marvel. But I really liked this cast and I was one of the only people who thought the film was going to be really good. It wasn’t and Kinberg wanting to make it brighter and funner isn’t going to change the fact they’ve wrote horrible scripts for all the FF films. What they need to focus on is making a good story. I don’t think a sequel is going to happen and Kinberg’s comments don’t help the cause either.


That all the film news stories I found interesting this week, what do you think about any of the topics I discussed?

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