This week Donnie and Cosima went under cover at the fertility clinic Brightborn, Sarah learns the truth about Fee’s new sister and we saw the return of Krystal Goderitch.

This was my favorite episode of the season so far. From the word go it was full of tension, humor and paced furiously. This show has always moved fast and it always amazes me that we never get lost or the story never looses itself. There was so much happening in this episode, from Cosima snooping around Brightborn and getting found by Susan, Donnie also snooping but running into Krystal, Sarah having much needed family time and even Art was squeezed in this week. It all came together perfectly and created an awesome episode.

I was happily surprised to see Krystal make her return as I didn’t know she was coming back. She’s an hilarious clone but can also kick some ass too. She goes diving into Brightborn, not having any idea what she was doing but I think it’s only a matter of time before she joins Clone Club and gets wrapped up in the Shenanigans. Donnie was once upon a time, a character who seemed disposable and not needed, now he’s one of the greatest and I can’t imagine Orphan Black without him. He has incredible chemistry with Tatiana (in all her forms) and seeing him paired up with Krystal this week was amazing. His “I have to go… shit” line killed me.


I spoke too soon last week  when I said the writers had no story ideas for Cosima, now that Delphine is ‘dead’. They threw her right back into the action and she even met Susan Duncan! I loved the scenes with Cosima undercover, it was really intense and I was constantly worried something was going to happen, especially when you learn Susan is at Brightborn too. This episode at Brightborn built up the stakes so well, Cosima and Donnie go there, then you find out Evie Cho is running the session, Susan Duncan is revealed to be there and then Krystal turns up. Every time an element was revealed, it built the possibility for danger but also opened up possibilities for some priceless comedy on a masseuse table. Cosima now has a path she can take and the character can develop more.

The other big storyline this week was Sarah and her family. Sarah hasn’t really stopped moving around this season, so she got to spend some time with Kira and burn some bridges with Felix. This also worked as a smart plot device to allow other clones to go undercover and get involved. Jordan Gavaris has really evolved as an actor and his portrayal of Felix gets better every season. He wasn’t bad in season 1 but I always thought he was the weakest on the show but he’s grown into this character and is perfect in the role. He nailed his emotional scenes this week and you really felt bad for him. There was a scene in season 2 when he told Sarah he felt left out and there was no place for him in her new family. That was a really touching scene and we’re seeing that come back now, as he’s found his own family to join. This could have easily been a slower aspect of the episode but was still riveting and interesting.


I don’t think we saw Art last week but him came back for this episode, even if it was a short scene, it was still really good. I really enjoy the back and forth he has with Detective Marty Duko and I’m looking forward in seeing where their feud is going. Alison and Donnie’s drug dealing last season was really funny and it was equally humorous when Art and Sarah found out about it this week. I’m a huge fan of Alison and I really hope she doesn’t get arrested but at the same time, just imagine Alison in prison and how ridiculously hilarious that would be.

No Helena this week, except the text message she sent to Sarah. I know there’s a lot going on at the moment but no one seemed worried that Helena (a pregnant assassin) was missing. She’s not the most stable person and she could easily get herself in a lot of trouble. I’m sure we’re going to get to Helena soon but Sarah could have shown a bit more concern she was gone.

I loved this episode and love this show. It would be by far, my favorite show on right now but it just so happens to be on at the same time as Game of Thrones. This was an eventful week for Orphan Black and it made for one of the most enjoyable episodes ever.

Oh! Almost forgot Susan Duncan has a relationship with one of the Castor Clones? That’s weird.

What did you think of this weeks Orphan Black?

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