Season 6 of Game of Thrones is really ramping up to be the best ever. The first two episodes were amazing, the third was a bit slower and now this was the best so far. The wishes I had last week were answered last night and after that hour of Game of Thrones, I was completely satisfied.

Game of Thrones is known (and popular) for being a dark show, where bad things happen to good people. This season so far has been going that way until we saw the powerful reunion of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. I really had lost hope we would ever see the Starks together again and this scene was the most heartwarming moment in the shows history. Sansa is showing her maturity and growth as a character that has been nonexistent for so many seasons. Her relationship with Jon in this episode, felt like Catelyn and Robs back in the earlier seasons and Sansa seems to finally be following in her mothers steps and becoming a strong female Stark. I really hope they stay together now and maybe soon, some more Starks can be brought together.


We got some great scenes with Brienne of Tarth this week. She confronts Melisandre and Davos to tell them it was her who killed Stannis, in another moment that made me want to cheer because Brienne finally got some revenge and gloated about it. Tormund took interest in Brienne, in a hilarious scene. A relationship with them two would not only be fitting but unstoppable.

There’s been a lot of deaths in this season so far and Osha is another name you can add to the list. To be honest, Osha was never a character I cared about that much but her final scene was a good one. You knew right away, this wasn’t going to end well for Osha and it didn’t. Ramsey showed again that unlike Joffrey, he’s not so easily fooled. This was an intense scene, well shot and actually quite sad, despite me not caring about Osha’s fate. I’m more worried about the state of Rickon, if he’s even still alive.

Since the first episode back, I’ve wanted to see the greatest player of the game, Petyr Baelish and everything he’s doing. He’s one of my favorite characters and we saw this week he’s conjuring up a plan and about to make his move. He’s got that stupid kid Robin wrapped round his finger, using him (in typical Baelish fashion) to get what he wants. I think he’s going to help Jon get Winterfell and rule it with Sansa. He’s the master strategist and I just hope we get more of him in the future.

Over at King’s Landing things are moving forward. First of all, I’m bored of the High Sparrow’s speeches and the sooner he dies, the better. Other than that I enjoyed everything that happened down south this week. I think Margaery is an underrated character on the show and like Baelish, I’ve wanted to see more of her this season. She showed up last night and is still going strong, unlike her brother. I’m not sure where her character is going this season but I really want to find out. Is she going to go through the walk of shame, rule with Tommen and how is she going to fit back in with Cersei.


Speaking of Cersei, she and Jamie appear to have the small council on their side and we might see the fall of the Sparrows (please! please! please!). There was a lot of progression this week and King’s Landing is moving forward in way that’s really going to benefit the show. I think most people want to see the Sparrows storyline end and with the Lannisters and Tyrells coming together as one force, I think we’re going to see that happen. Olenna Tyrell is awesome and Diana Rigg’s facial expression were spot on in her scene.

Across the Narrow Sea some cool things were happening. Tyrion’s dialogue is amazing, Missandei is getting increasingly interesting, Daario sees Jorah has Greyscale, oh and Daenerys is fucking badass!! I was complaining that the Daenerys story was boring and then they hit us with one of the most epic shots, since she first hatched the dragons in season 1. I thought Jorah and Daario or Drogon would save Daenerys and that would have been really predictable but they let Daenerys save herself and shut up all the morons like me that thought she was getting dull. With a Dothraki army, Daenerys unstoppable again and her journey over to Westeros is going to be glorious. Game of Thrones knows how to end an episode (you can go back to the very first one and see that) and this week they ended on a shot that will be forever iconic in television.

Loved everything this week. This was a great episode and I feel we’re moving along to many amazing scenes. Snow vs Ramsey is getting closer, the battle for King’s Landing is too and things are heating up – pun intended – with Daenerys!

What did you think of this weeks Game of Thrones?

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