I think most people will agree, 10 Cloverfield Lane was a really well made film but it lost a lot of people at the end. I want to give my opinion on the ending but that will of course mean I’ll be discussing huge spoilers from 10 Cloverfield Lane. I’ve done a spoiler free review and you can read that here if you want my full view on the film.

So, overall I liked the ending but I think they went too far with certain aspects. I said in my full review, I think the first two acts were so good, the ending was never going to fulfill everyone’s expectations. That’s the problem with films that focus a lot on mystery and the idea of not knowing, when you do know it’s boring or disappointing. Horror films struggle with this and we also saw it this year with Midnight Special. The way to solve that would be to have a ending without closure but with the studio wanting a mainstream audience (more on that later) that was never going to happen.

With Cloverfield in the title, the possibility for aliens was always huge but when that was finally revealed, many member’s of the audience gave up on the film. I can completely understand that and if you’re one of those people, I get it. But for me I thought it was going to be aliens pretty much from the beginning (although the film did a job of changing my mind several times) and I wasn’t shocked when it ultimately was. What did shock me was that Michelle fought of the aliens, killed them and rode off into the sunset. She had been built up as a strong character but this was unbelievable for any human. This film could have had balls, by killing off all the characters and having a dark ending that would tie a bow on the extremely dark tone of the film. Instead they went for the generic, everything is going to be fine bullshit.

Now as far as this film tying into Cloverfield, I don’t think it does at all. For starters there is no indication that the events of Cloverfield ever happened in this film and I’m pretty sure the characters in 10 Cloverfield Lane would have known of a previous alien attack, especially John Goodman’s. The aliens at the end are not in anyway connected to Cloverfield and the title is revealed to just be in reference to the address of the house they are in.

I didn’t like some of what they did in the actual film but I have a huge problem with the title. Having Cloverfield in the title but not really linking it with the original film was going to annoy almost everyone and I’m sure the studio knew this. But studios like money and having the name of an established, well received film in your marketing got a lot of buts in seats. This was just a huge cash grab move and the letter box at the end felt like a big kick in the groin to any fans expecting a sequel/prequel to Cloverfield. In the original ending, Michelle escaped only to find the Chicago skyline destroyed but no explanation is given. This would have been a thousand times better than what we actually got and with a different title, the ending would have been much better received.

What did you think of the 10 Cloverfield Lane ending and do you like the original ending or my idea for a dark one?

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