So I’m going to see X-Men Apocalypse tomorrow! Really excited to see the film despite hearing, ‘meh ‘opinions but I thought it would be a perfect time to count down the top films of my favorite star from the X-Men franchise, Michael Fassbender.


Prometheus (2011)Prometheus+Michael+Fassbender

First film on the list divided a lot of fans, I fall on the side of loving this film. It’s not perfect but I really enjoyed the spectacle of Ridley Scott’s directing. All the performance were solid and the visuals are amazing. Scott is a hit or miss director for me but this one was definitely a hit.


Fish Tank (2009)andrea7

This small, English film is a marvelous display of incredible acting. Katie Jarvis (who’s not an actress) gives one of the most realest, painful performances as the lead character and is supported by an array of talent people, including of course Fassbender himself. I thought the story was flawed but is completely engrossing by the wonderful acting.


Slow West (2015)SLOW-WEST_web_2

Last year was a solid one for Fassbender, he was nominated for an Oscar, stared as Macbeth but Slow West for me was his greatest achievement. When a western is done right, it can make for some of the best cinema ever. Every few year a small western comes along and breathes a little life into the unfortunately dead genre, last year Slow West did just that. This was a classically slow building, intense ride, filled with great characters and an epic shootout.  


300 (2006)Michael-Fassbender-300

Yes, 300 is just a bunch of topless, air brushed meatheads, hitting each other with swords but I love it. Zack Snyder’s style is perfect for this kind of film and he pulled it off perfectly. It doesn’t overstay its welcome, you get what you payed for and go home. Fassbender doesn’t have a huge role in the film but does have my favorite quote “then we will fight in the shade”, in a film that’s full of one liners. I watch 300 often and it still remains my favorite film of Zack Snyder’s.


X-Men: First Class (2011)x-men-first-class-movie-photo-03

The X-Men franchise was dead and about to be buried, until Matthew Vaughn came along and re-energised the series. There are many great performances in this film but the standout to me was always Michael Fassbender. I love Ian McKellen’s Magneto and I didn’t think it was possible to beat him but Fassbender did. He brought a whole new level of intensity to the character and made him fascinating to watch. There are countless scenes with him but the one with the two Nazi, is so badass and I remember being in awe of how good Fassbender was, when I first saw that scene.


Shame (2011)shame-subway-e1322820363109

I flipped the next two on my list back and forth several times but finally decided on Shame, in my number 5 spot. This film is dark and pushed Fassbender to a place we had never seen him go, other than the previous film he did with Steve McQueen. Carey Mulligan isn’t talked about enough as one of the best actress working and in Shame she gave an outstanding performance. This film won’t be for everyone and has turned people away very quickly but if you can stomach a harsh, true telling of human struggle, this film will blow your mind.


Hunger (2008)h2n-nyff1-hunger

A lot of what I just said about Shame can be applied to Hunger. The first collaboration of Fassbender and McQueen was maybe even more powerful and harder to watch than Shame. This is another brutal, realistic depiction of a Northern Ireland prison in the 1980s, it doesn’t pull punches and paint anything in a Hollywood type fashion. I think Fassbender’s best performance can be found in this film, he will leave you truly heartbroken and distraught by the end. Like Shame, the realistic nature of this film will be too much for some people but if you can get through it, it’s a life changing experience.


Frank (2014)Screen-Shot-2014-03-08-at-145153

Musicians and artists are often very strange people and as far as cinema goes, Frank may be the strangest. I loved this film. Frank showed how talented Fassbender is by not showing his face for 95% of the film, yet you still understood the character through his body language and speech. It’s a very uplifting film but never dense or lacking in serious moments. Domhnall Gleeson is great and many other actors give good performances too. Maggie Gyllenhaal especially surprised me, in playing a different character to what we’re used to seeing from her. I find films about music captivating and full of joy, Frank lacks none of that.


X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)image

Bryan Singer made his triumphant return to X-Men and made one of the top 5 comic book films ever. Days of Future Past seamlessly pieced together a film with many moving parts and told a coherent story. The future, the past, all of it was perfectly crafted by Singer as he reclaimed his mantle as the best X-Men director. The plane scene alone showed the powerful relationship between Magneto and Charles and just how brilliant both actors are. This isn’t the first appearance of Days of Future Past, on one of my top ten list and I doubt it will be the last.


Inglourious Basterds (2009)Lt_Archie_Hicox

Quentin Tarantino is in my top 3 directors of all time and Inglourious Basterds is just one of his many masterpieces. From beginning to end this film is full of intensity and never lost my attention. Tarantino brings characters to life and in Inglourious Basterds we got many memorable characters like the Jew Hunter, Lt. Aldo Raine and the Bear Jew. The opening scene with Christoph Waltz is some of the best cinema you will ever see and by far the best first scene of a film. The usual Tarantino dialogue is present and it hits fast, in all it glory. I’ve never been able to understand how anyone can dislike a Tarantino film and when I get the chance to put him on a list, it will probably always be number 1.


Honorable Mentions 

Steve Jobs

12 Years a Slave


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